Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Birthday Boy

A few days after Keaton's birthday, it was The Husband's turn for some celebration!  The night before his birthday, the kids asked if they could get up early and make their daddy a great breakfast. With an affirmation of the plan, the kids went to bed happy.  However, when it came time for them to get up a bit early to help me, they were soooo sleepy.  Nevertheless, I went ahead with the plan and made some nectarine pancakes for the family, but most especially for the birthday boy man.
He loved them, proclaiming them super delicious, and as we all sang happy birthday to him, at 6:30 in the morning, we let him blow out a candle for his first wish of the day.  (The recipe for the nectarine pancakes will be in my next cookbook, debuting very soon.)
The rest of the day was pretty normal for The Husband. He got sang to a few times, at work.  He got teased about how old he is, and he got a few gifts from co-workers.  After work, he got home and had a lovely dinner made for him by yours truly.  It was a broccoli and pepperjack stuffed chicken breast and penne with a dijon cream sauce (also in the next cookbook) and for dessert, he requested cookies and cream ice cream with plenty of oreos on the side.

For his birthday present, he got a new rear wheel for his trail bike.  Last year, as he was riding, he got hit by a lady driving a car, who was not paying attention to where she was going. Heath was fine, but the back wheel was crumpled.  So as much as he loves his other bike, his road bike, he missed riding his trail bike.  For his birthday he got a replacement wheel, and he was super happy.

Thus ends the round of birthdays for a few weeks. Up next will be Kimble's birthday!

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Jude said...

Belated Birthday Greetings, Heath. Looks like it was a good day. You're going to need that bike tyre after that birthday tea! lol Jude.x