Thursday, October 11, 2012

Becoming 11

Keaton turned 11 years old.  He is a really great kid.  He tries so hard to please, he is the peacekeeper in the family, he loves every single thing I cook, he does his homework independently, he has his "garbage boy" job, he loves being a real boy scout now, he has a sweet soprano voice, he talks about becoming a man, he works in the garage using his dad's tools and he builds different things, he helps his dad out in the garden and is a great assistant when cars need tuning or pipes need cleaning.  He is an outstanding boy and such a sweet and sensitive young man.
On the day of his birthday, he took three dozen chocolate chip cookies to school, to share with his class.  He made sure to bring home enough extras for his siblings, and he saved two for his dad (which Kimble ate when Keaton wasn't looking, but I won't tell Keaton that.).
When school got out, there was a massive rainstorm happening.  The rain was coming down so thick that it was like you were swimming through it.  Since we live barely a block from the school, I wondered if the kids would wait it out, or walk home in it.  They walked home in it and as I was waiting by the open door, with Kimble on my lap (we were watching the rain and smelling the amazing smell associated with a rainshower) we heard the kids come 'round the house giggling and laughing. They were completely drenched (take a look at how soaked their pants were) but were having a great time.

Everyone got cleaned up and dried off (they even needed new underwear, as theirs were soaked through, if that's any indication of how hard it was raining), and The Husband came home. We took our standard family picture and then ate Keaton's requested birthday dinner: Spaghetti.

After dinner, it was time for presents.  I teased Keaton that I had decided not to do presents this year, but he knew better.  I pulled out two gifts, and told him a third was on the way (I hadn't bought his new cubscout shirt/book yet, but that was one of his gifts).  He got a Ninjago set in blue (his favorite color) and he said it was one he had been wanting, so I got it right!  He also got his very own bow and arrow set, which is something he has been wishing for for about a year.

The kids  took the box that it came in, drew some targets on it, and Keaton had fun practicing his aim and getting his stance correct.

After that, Keaton had requested strawberry milkshakes for his birthday dessert. When I went to the freezer to pull out the strawberries and ice cream, I couldn't find the ice cream.  I do remember shopping for it, but apparently it never made it in a bag and home to the freezer.  So, we had some black walnut ice cream that The Husband bought (he loves it).  We asked Keaton if he wanted us to go to the store and get strawberry ice cream, or if he could just have black walnut ice cream.  Being such a peacekeeper, he said he'd just have what was easiest and already at the house.  So that's what we had, and we sung to Keaton in our crazy birthday song way, and he proclaimed it the best day ever.


courtney said...

Sweet boy! Happy birthday Buddy!

Jude said...

Belated Birthday greetings, Keaton. Jude.x

Colleen said...

Great kid that Keaton! Glad it was a great day for him. Ben got a bow and arrow set for his birthday too. A great gift for a tween all-boy boy!