Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Citrus Cleaner

I decided a few months ago I would try to make more homemade cleaners. It started with the laundry soap, which I still love love love.  Following that, I thought I'd try something else.  I made a citrus cleaner, which you can use on any surface, and I really love it.

First, take whatever citrus fruit you want to work with.  I suggest either lemons, limes, or oranges.  Slice them up and fit as many as you can into a quart mason jar.  Then, fill the jar with white vinegar, to the top, and screw on your lid.  Let it sit, undisturbed, for three weeks.  After that, pour out the citrus/vinegar mixture into a spray bottle, and then add the same amount of water.  Viola!  Citrus cleaner!

Two things I've learned:  1. As soon as you pour out all the citrus/vinegar mixture into your squirt bottle, add more white vinegar to your citrus slices in the jar.  Screw the lid back on and let that batch sit for another three weeks.  The citrus slices will continue to work over and over again, for many uses.  I'm on the fourth cycle, with the original lemon slices, and it's still going strong.  By the time your squirt bottle runs out of your cleaner, the next batch will be done brewing.  Perfect timing.

2. The second thing I learned was that the original directions said to let the vinegar/citrus mixture sit for two weeks.  I found that to be a bit premature.  The first time I made this, I waited the two weeks, then added water and started using the mixture, but it was really strong with the vinegar smell.  The Husband hated it, and forbid  me to use it again.  The second batch I waited three weeks, and then started using it, and it was so much more syrupy and citrusy (both those words came up wrong with spellcheck, but I'm keeping them that way anyway!).  Plus, the citrus scent is so much more strong and the vinegar is very slight in the background, which goes away quickly and leaves a lovely lemon-fresh scent around the room.  So wait three weeks (or longer) for your batch to brew.

You should try it!

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Jude said...

I do use white vinegar and Bicarb of soda, but citrus vinegar sounds much better than just the smelly vinegar! Thanks for the tip - maybe I can get my "boys" to do some cleaning if it smells better!? :-) Jude.x