Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Horsie Riding

We were invited to go horseback riding last weekend, by a friend at church.  He is a grandpa, and loves to watch little Kimble's antics at church.  He requested that we all come and enjoy time with the horses. So we did!

As the horses were getting saddled, Kimble practiced his cowboy ways, although he looks more like an Italian mobster in this next picture.

 I rode doubles with Kimble. He loved grabbing the reins and saying "yee-haw horsie" and was so sad every time we got off the horse.  Subsequently, he got many rides during the two hours we were there.

We even got The Husband to ride around, although he doesn't really care for horseback riding.

All the kids were anxious for their turns.  I held the reins and guided the horse around while Kennedy was riding, but the other kids got to ride the horses without interference from anyone.

Only three horses were saddled, and even with doubling up, we still had an extra person that had to wait it out.

Of course, climbing fences, kicking dirt, and acting like a cowboy were great past times while waiting for another turn on the horses.


Kennedy decided she was a bucking bronco, and demonstrated her kicking techniques for us all.

It was a beautiful afternoon, perfect for riding around.  We sure had a great time.

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Nancy said...

They all look so happy! I'm impressed, I expected Kimble to be scared but he looks like he's lovin' it. Must be the hat!