Tuesday, October 16, 2012


When we were leaving Give Kids The World, on our last day of Kimble's Wish, we were given a list of names and addresses of people/companies that contributed in some way to GKTW or Make A Wish, and thereby made Kimble's wish possible.  We wanted to let them know that their contribution did not go unrecognized.  So I made up these postcards, with our family picture on one side (including Buzz and Woody!) and a little note on the back, explaining who we were and why we were grateful to them.

On the front, it says "Thank you for helping to make a Wish come true!"  On the back we wrote:
"Our little 2-year old Kimble doesn't know that in a few months he will have his fourth heart surgery.  He doesn't know what a miracle it is that his heart is growing and functioning despite its complicated defects.  He doesn't realize that every day, he lives a status of 'life-threatening'. 
What he does know, however, is that he just had the best week of his life, thanks to Make A Wish and Give Kids The World.  His wish was to meet Buzz and Woody at Disney World, and he loved every minute of it.
Special thanks to you, for being part of his wish. Your contributions made our trip possible, and for that, you have become our hero.
Love, Kimble and Family.
It's so hard to express what a special time that was for our family.  The people/businesses who donate time, money, products, or tickets to people they don't even know...now that's pretty spectacular.  I can only pray that they feel our gratitude for what they did for us.

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Joolz said...

What a fantastic letter of gratitude, I'm sure they will get a buzz when they all get their cards.