Friday, December 14, 2012

2 year old Friends

 Early on in October, I had a market that was on a school day.  With the other kids all being in school, I just had Kimble to worry about. The Husband was getting off at lunch, on this particular day, to watch Kimble and be home for the kids when school was over, so I just needed to have Kimble go somewhere for the morning.  After all, I know I couldn't get set up and sell my stuff, all the while having an energetic 2-year-old running around.  Lucky for me, my market was up north, where I use to live, so I asked my friend Colleen if she would watch Kimble for me.

Colleen is one of my dear friends, and we grew quite close during the years I lived up there.  We were pregnant with our fifth babies at the same time, and little Tommy was born just a few weeks before Kimble.  Unfortunately, since I moved south, we don't get to see each other very often, but we do get together for the occasional multifamily sledding in the mountains or cookie exchange, Even though Kimble wouldn't remember any of that, he is sure to feel the family closeness, right?

I was sure Kimble would do just fine upon leaving him. Colleen is warm and welcoming, her house has a friendly atmosphere, and most importantly, Tommy was there to play!  Colleen reported that not only did Kimble do great with separation from me, but that he and Tommy got along marvelously.  They played together, jibbered together, took turns, made each other laugh, and didn't fight over toys at all.  What great boys!!

 Thanks Colleen and Tommy!  We look forward to more visits and playtimes!!  Perhaps over the holiday break?  We should go sledding again if we get snow!!

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