Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We set up a triple date with two other couples, and it took us a while to figure out what to do.  We thought about glow-golf, ice-skating, laser-tag, but finally settled on something that none of us had ever done.  Bingo.
Before we showed up for Bingo, however, we ate dinner at Culvers (Heath loves the custard!).  We enjoyed out time there, talking and sharing stories, and before we realized it, we were going to be late for Bingo!
So we arrived, and everyone present was already silent and intense, marking at their bingo cards with their colored dobbers.  The air reeked of body odor and nicotine, and we got glares from everyone as we purchased our bingo cards.
Numbers were being called out, as we were trying to find a place to sit next to each other.  People shook their heads if we started to come over to an empty seat next to them.  We were "shhhhh"ed again and again. Finally, we were directed to a back room that had more open seating, and we found a corner to sit down and get ourselves collected.
We were far behind everyone else, for the game, and so amid laughing and commenting and talking with each other, we tried to look at the board of numbers that were lit up, and get our game cards caught up.
It was intense and so nervous-making!  Here are Brittany and Travis, trying hard to get all their numbers marked correctly...

EmilieAn and Brian were in a frenzy too.

We had arrived in the middle of the second game, and by the time someone called Bingo, we were still trying to mark all the numbers.  Travis realized only seconds too late, that he had a Bingo and could have won 100 dollars!
It was soon after that, when there was a slight "intermission".  EmilieAn was in the bathroom, and a bunch of ladies were talking smack about us.  They said things like "Those youngsters in the corner were so loud!  Don't they realize this is a serious game?"  Oh, we laughed and laughed at that.
None of us won anymore games, but it was decided that we'd have to come back another night and give it a second chance.  Only this time, we needed to arrive early enough that we got everything prepared before BINGO started.  It was, after all, a very serious game!

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Courtney Heath said...

You young wipper snappers have no respect for the game!