Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Break

The kids had the entire week before Christmas off, and we didn't have a thing on the calendar.  It was so relaxing to just be able to stay home and enjoy each other.  Even with all the kids home, there were plenty of quiet times around the house.  I found Kimble sneaking ice cream in the kitchen (strawberry ice cream, left over from Kennedy's birthday dessert).  He was happily eating, and instead of disciplining him, I thought he was on to something, so I grabbed a spoon and helped him finish the last remaining bites. 
 Kimble is also getting officially pottytrained now. He is still on daily medicine to remove fluid from his lungs, and thus, it causes him to pee as frequently as every 5 minutes, for the entire 2-3 hours after he takes it.  This makes it difficult to take him anywhere outside the house during that time (as we discovered with our early morning church), and thus are pretty much glued to the toilet during this time. We solved this issue somewhat, by having his little pottychair in front of our tv. Kimble gets to watch Backyardigans or Toy Story, and he can pee every five minutes, and not have to worry about having any accidents during this frequent urination period.  Hopefully when he learns a bit more how to "hold it" for longer periods, this won't be such a difficult morning routine.
We had a dusting of snow early on in the Christmas break, and another little storm that rolled through Christmas Eve. The kids enjoyed what little snow we got, by playing around in the backyard.

We discontinued our television service (something I've wanted to do for a long time) and I'm happy to tell the kids to find something to do with each other.  On this afternoon, while Kimble was napping, the kids played one of our favorite games Ticket To Ride.  They didn't follow the exact rules, but had a great time building their train routes and gathering cards.

During our transition of the food storage closet downstairs, Kolby took the opportunity (unbeknownst to us) to grab a few boxes of granola bars, and he snuck them under his pillows, to eat at leisure.  Well, he grabbed the Fiber One protein bars, and per experience, I know that if you have more than one of these granola bars, the fiber really messes with your system and you have terrible gas pains, flatulence, and and upset tummy for a while.   Kolby came to us complaining of how badly his tummy hurt.  For a few days, we just thought he was sick as a result of the flu.  Then one day, it dawned on us what the problem was.  We asked him if he had stolen the fiber one bars, and after he admitted to eating a few boxes of them, we explained what was wrong with him, then left him to enjoy his self-inflicted punishment.

Next up is a picture of our kids right before we went to Church, the day before Christmas Eve.

The kids also love to watch movies in our bed, all snug with each other.

That's pretty much how our week went.

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