Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Decorating The Tree

We decorated the Christmas tree in early December.  We don't have much, in the way of decorations for the house, so it wasn't as festive as it could have been, but we had fun nevertheless.  Keaton put together our fake tree all by himself, and then The Husband helped  him string the lights.
Kolby and Kennedy ran around the room, singing Christmas songs and playing with each other.

Kimble really liked putting ornaments on the tree, and clumped his together on the same branch.  The other kids did that too, so there are groupings of ornaments on the branches, and then other branches left bare, but I didn't change anything. It is what it is.

One thing I really liked, was that each child said something they were grateful for, as they hung an ornament.  The house was filled with laughing and happiness, as we appreciated and recognized all the things we were grateful for.
We took a quick picture, in front of our tree.  Kolby really was happy, he just likes to appear grumpy for pictures.

It's Christmas time!