Sunday, December 30, 2012

Got Gas?

It's been nice the past week or so, seeing our gas prices drop again to about 2.80.  It's been upwards of 4 dollars for so long now, that I've really had to manage my errands well enough so I could still only fill up the gas tank every 3 weeks and keep within our gas budget.  During the summer, The Husband bikes to work a lot, so that helped tremendously, but it was still hard to see that gas price go up and up.
I realized I had a 50 cent/gallon savings reward on my Safeway card (it had been adding up), so this week, both The Husband and I took our cars to get them filled up.  On the same transaction, we filled up both vehicles and the total came to just under 60 bucks (which is close to the amount I paid just to fill up the van this summer).  Yay!  Let's just hope the gas prices continue to drop!

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