Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Grocery Dates

Heath and I have frequent dates, but they are probably not your average dating activity.  Most of the time, our time away from the kids happens on a Monday night, after all the kids have eaten, we've had a family activity, and they are quiet and ready for bed.  Then, we head out to three different grocery stores, with coupons in hand and our list accessible, and we do our couponing/grocery shopping.

Since making our goal at the beginning of the year, we have become experts at couponing.  The Husband loves to be part of the entire experience, although he sometimes begrudges when there's a huge stack of coupons to sort through.  However, it's a daunting task, and not always quick to be done, so I don't blame him for that.

The fun part, however, is getting all the items we had planned to buy, watching each one get rung up and the price going higher and higher, and then handing over our stack of coupons.  We've really begun thinking of each coupon as money, and I believe that is what transitioned Heath's perspective (as one of a chore) to his new outlook (as a moneymaker...or at least, a moneysaver.).

Heath loves to see the price drop with each coupon.  He loves to hear the cashier say "you saved 80% this shopping trip!" and he likes to watch the waiting customers in line, as they realize how much we just saved.  It's a fun time for us, together and without the kids, and we love being able to build up our food storage, while saving money at the same time.

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Heath said...

You are so beautiful Sweetie. And I really do look forward to our coupon dates because its spending quality time with you and saving money in the process.
Love you,
-Charlie Brown-