Saturday, December 15, 2012

Halloween 2012

The day of Halloween had all the kids dressing up for school. Kennedy switched her princess outfit to a snow white dress, Kolby was still a ninja (with modified clothes from his previous costume (the pants he is wearing are Kimble's dress pants!)). and Keaton was a proud Harry Potter again.
The kids dressed up out bowl of home-grown pumpkins and added a big spider to give excitement to our centerpiece.

For our spooky feast, we had monster sandwiches, mummy pizzas, slimy worms, intestines, and bloody eyeball juice.  They all loved it.

After dinner we went trick our treating around our neighborhood.  Kolby chose to change his ninja outfit once again, and became a rip-sticking vamp-ninja. Everyone else stayed the same.


They got a lot of candy. Kimble learned how to say "Trick or Treat" and "I want more Candy" and his favorites were the suckers.  I staked claim on all the Reeses, although that didn't go very far with the kids.  Within days, despite hiding it, it was all eaten, mostly by Kolby.  I'm surprised he hasn't turned into a pile of sugar by now.

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