Friday, December 28, 2012

Instagram Christmas Favorites

I got a new phone for my Christmas present!  I really needed an upgrade, as my old phone's speaker was busted and nobody could hear me when I made phone calls.  The camera was also broken, and the phone wouldn't hold any memory, so even taking one picture would flash an alert that I was over my storage limit.  I purchased it a month before Christmas, and it was hard not to break it out and use it, but I was a good girl and kept it nicely wrapped up until Christmas morning.

One nice thing about the new phone, is that I was able to have a nicer camera to do instagram photos with!!  I've been having fun the past few days with posting pictures.  Hopefully I'm not over posting, as I'm new to instagram and don't really know proper etiquette.

So with picture-taking in mind, I asked each of the kids to bring me their favorite Christmas gift.  This is what they brought me:

Kamy loves the new kindle we got for all the kids to share.

Keaton is excited to learn to play the guitar. We included the Chord Buddy with it, as seen on Shark Tank, to help us all learn how to play.

Keaton was also thrilled to get the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

Kennedy loved this assortment of beads and jewelry pieces which help her make her very own jewelry.

Kimble LOVES this truck/trailer that came with two little horses to keep in the trailer.

Kolby got a Bear Grylls pocket knife, and understands that with great cutting ability comes great responsibility.

All the kids got a trampoline from Santa, and we just got it set up today.  Kimble wasn't pictured, as he was taking a nap.

The Husband has been enjoying the family Kindle as well, and he also got a huge outdoor knife which requires it's own belt sling, to be used in outdoor-manly activities, like camping and fishing and hunting.


Jennsuewild said...

Looks like you all had a fun Christmas..

Colleen said...

A lot of fun gifts! I think Tommy would covet that truck if he saw it! :)