Sunday, December 16, 2012


Kamy made the honor roll, at school, and she was very excited. She has worked hard this year with her studies, and she deserved it!  Kamy has also worked hard to make it into the select choir at school, and got her schedule changed for next quarter, to accommodate her new class.  She stays after on Mondays to participate in the cooking club, and has been enjoying developing her new skills. She also has worked hard the past few months to help me in the kitchen, preparing meals, so she could be that much closer to finishing her Young Women Recognition at church.
Kamy babysits for us regularly, and is looking forward to babysitting for other families as well.  She is trying so hard to be grown up, and doesn't feel like she is a kid anymore.  She is a very sweet young lady.  The other day, I was doing her hair, and realized that she was taller than me. Of course, I was barefoot, and she was wearing hiking boots, but still...she's going to surpass me soon. She already wears bigger shoes than I do, and the kids confuse our clothes when they sort them out (as flattering as that is, my clothes are still way bigger than hers).  She likes to wear my jewelry and can't wait until she can wear makeup.


Patti S. said...

Love all of your updates, especially about Kamy. My daughter is about to turn 15, so I can relate to much of what is going on in her life. My daughter's feet are 2 1/2 sizes bigger than mine - yikes!

Heath said...

So proud of you Kamy and I love you so very much.