Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kennedy is 7!

For months before Kennedy's birthday, all I heard was what she wanted for her presents.  Every ad she saw for a toy, every store flyer she pulled out of the newspapers, and every picture she drew portrayed what she wanted for her gifts.  Many of them changed day to day, but two items on her want-list never lost their desirability.  She wanted a music box, and she wanted makeup.
A few years ago, I came across this site that makes pretend makeup.  It's called Mini Play Makeup and they have makeup, accessories, and bags that are desirable for every little girl. The best part is, it looks and feels real, but it's completely fake.  So when Kennedy kept going on and on about wanting makeup, I knew this was the perfect gift for her this year.  I ordered a kit that came with a bag, makeup brushes, and an assortment of play makeup.  Kennedy was absolutely thrilled with it, and has been beautifying herself constantly, since she opened her gifts.
I also got her a Tinkerbell music box.  Since she loves tinkerbell, it was a perfect find.  It even has a key to lock up the box, and she loves having her own little music box to listen to.

Her third gift was a Merida Brave doll for her to play with.   She loves combing her long red hair and dressing her up, and she even puts some of her pretend makeup on her doll.

Kennedy wanted pizza for her birthday as well, and she requested ice cream cones, in strawberry and cookies & cream ice cream flavors. (This was the first time in a very long time that I neglected to take any family birthday pictures, or anymore pictures of Kennedy's birthday, and I feel terrible about it.  We had a church party to go to on her birthday night, and I had my last holiday market that day, and we were running from one thing to another, and before I knew it, the day had ended and there weren't any pictures to show for it.  Terrible.)

Kennedy tries hard to please everyone and be a good girl, but lately she's had some "nobody likes me, I guess I'll go eat worms" type of attitude.  She's adjusting from being a little girl who whines and cries easily, to being a big girl who can handle things not going her way all the time.  It's not always smooth sailing, but she's learning, and we are learning, and there is patience needed all around, but there is a lot of love too.  She is a sweet girl who still loves to cuddle and hug and kiss and receive love.  She has many people at church who absolutely love her, including her teachers, and at school, she is a favorite.

Kennedy loves to color and write special notes to people she loves.  She enjoys playing outside with her neighborhood friends.  She and Kolby have a love/hate relationship, where they love playing with each other but inevitably someone gets hurt and then it's the end of the world.  Kennedy has daily chores she does, and she is learning to do them  and she handles responsibility very well. She likes to make people happy.  Oh, and I still call her Georgie, as do many of us, which she still answers to and likes to be called, but her real name of Kennedy is getting more and more common around here.  It's almost sad, as she'll always be my little Georgie.

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