Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kimble turns 3!

Mr. Kimble's birthday was on a Sunday this year.  He went to church wearing his Birthday Boy pin with pride.  "It's my birfday!" he kept saying all day.
In the evening, we had pizza, which Kimble requested.  Then we had our traditional family birthday picture taken, plus a silly one.

Kimble got a few presents, which he loved.  He got a Nerf dart gun, which he loved practicing aiming at the wall artwork.  He also got a few more little cars, including a bus, which we've been looking for for a long time.

He  also got some new undies, which he could care less about at the moment, and I made him a supercape and mask, which when he opened, he said "A blankie!" and then snuggled against it.

 We had two friends stop by to share in the celebration.  Miss EmilieAn gave him a dragon on a stick, which was super cool!  Our other friend Miss Brittany brought over a big sack of fruit snacks, just for Kimble.
We eventually got Kimble to wear his supercape and mask.  He doesn't quite  know what to make of it now, but I'm sure he'll grow to love it. Incidentally, I also made some capes for Kimble's heart baby friends, Chance and Adam, and gave their capes to them the next week, when we met for the Blanket Donation (more to come).

 Kimble had cupcakes for dessert, and he blew out his candle about five times, he liked it so much.

After dinner, we tried out the new undies, and had Kimble practice going potty. He did go potty, and got some of his birthday fruit snacks as a reward.  Even superheros need to use the potty!

Kimble is bright and energetic.  He had his 3 year checkup and he weighs 31 pounds and is 36.5 inches tall.  He has gained 4 pounds and 3.5 inches since his 2 year checkup.  He has grown leaps and bounds developmentally, cognitively, and is much better at fine motor skills. His language is practically caught up with other 3 year olds, and boy does he say the cutest things.
He repeats almost everything he hears, he understands direction and commands and jokes and emotions.  He sympathizes with feelings very well, and understands  if someone is hurt or feeling bad or sad.  Kimble likes to eat meat and fruit and cheese and pancakes and cereal.  He loves milk and juice and hot cocoa, but drinks water most of the time.
Kimble loves trains and cars and is beginning to play on his own, by setting up his train tracks and placing different toy animals around the track, and bringing out little people to fill in his township.  He loves to watch The Backyardigans still, and now will call it "gardigans". He'll say "pweese, momma, I watch gardigans!"  He sings along with the music and he names all the characters, like Tasha and Tyrone.
Kimble loves to go on walks and play outside. He likes to be around the chickens and he is learning to ride a little bike we have in the backyard.  He still loves his blankie, and carries it around with him whereever we go, and he couldn't possibly sleep without it.
Kimble still loves to give me snuggles and love.  He will give me hugs throughout the day.  He asks for kisses to make his owies better.  He says "I love you".  He calls all the kids by their names, as well as their nicknames.  He always tries to introduce me to strangers, in the store, by gesturing to me and saying "this is my momma".
Kimble constantly strips down. He doesn't like wearing diapers (we are potty training him now, so that will get better soon) and he is always walking around naked, but keeps his cowboy boots on and his cowboy hat on.  He runs and hides if we are looking for him, and he gets into whatever he wants, in the fridge and cupboards.  He loves to eat dry cereal in my bed, and the crumbs we find in the aftermath drive us nuts, but Kimble still manages to sneak in there with a box of cereal when we arent' looking.
All in all, Kimble is a delight to our family, and we love him so much. Happy 3rd birthday little man!

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