Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kimble's Days

During the day, Kimble just hangs out at home with me. Unless we are running errands or have an appointment, we just stay home every day.  This is really because I work at home, so I try not to schedule many things that would take time away from work.  So we get the kids out the door at 7am, I take a shower and get ready, and then we go downstairs to work.  Kimble plays with his trains the most. He loves the ones that have the magnetic ends, and has to have at least three put together on the track.  He is getting where he'll set up his own track, then he lies next to it and pushes his trains back and forth.
Sometimes he'll look at his books and puzzles. Sometimes he'll get out other toys. Sometimes he'll kick balls and jump off the couch. He finds things to do by himself, and doesn't much mind that I'm sewing.  If he needs attention or help, he comes right up to me and tells me.  Then I stop what I'm doing and help him or play with him, but for the most part he's pretty independent.
He'll even get his own food, if he is hungry.  Don't misunderstand me, though.  I don't leave him to his own devices.  I definitely make him sandwiches for lunch, or heat up some leftovers, but if he wants a snack, he usually helps himself.
Kimble also likes to watch some shows on tv, so I help him with that.  Overall, he is content to play next to me, in the basement, until it's time for nap.  Then, I have a few hours to myself, to sew uninterrupted.  Kimble wakes up about the time the kids come home from school, and then he has his playmates back again to entertain him.  I actually love the time we have alone, together, throughout the day.  We make a good team.

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