Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Mari Crismis!"

I've mentioned before how much Kennedy likes to draw and write notes.  She brought me this note last week, and said she wanted to mail it to Grandma.  She wrote: "I did alafit (all of it) Grama. :)  Hi. My name is Kennedy and I love you Grama."  In the bubbles, she wrote "I saw your note. Thank you" and in the other, it says "yore wallkume (you're welcome)".  Then, at the bottom, it says "Can you rite (write) me a note plese (please)?"
This one she brought home from school.  It's an ornament, with her school picture on it, and a note. "Dear Grama Webbr (Grandma Weber), Mary Crismis (Merry Christmas)!"  Then she drew a picture of herself and her Grandma Weber.

I love it.  Oh, and Grandma Weber, it's in the mail to you!

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