Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Smoky Eyes

I'm sorta virgin-like, with my makeup.  Until recently, I've never really known how to apply it.  I didn't really know how to buy makeup, and I definitely didn't know how to experiment on new looks.  I didn't start wearing foundation regularly, until a few months ago.  I didn't know how to use eyeliner, and I was clueless to the idea that people routinely wore fake eyelashes!

So I posted on facebook, a few months back, that I really wanted to learn how to do a smoky eye look.  I got tons of replies, saying they would help (but none of them lived close to me!) and many links to youtube for videos on how to do it.  However, I really wanted someone to teach me, with product  in hand, how to do it on me, for my coloring, my eye shape, and my desired outcome.  I didn't feel adequate in my capabilities to pick out the right thing at the store, and have it work for me at home, on my own.

So one night, when some of my girlfriends and I were out shopping, we stopped by a fancy makeup store and I asked one of the makeup artists to give me a smoky eye look.  She obliged, but what resulted  was far removed from what I had envisioned.  I basically looked like a mix between Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean look, mingled with Mimi from The Drew Carey Show...only in purple.  I'm sad I didn't take a picture, because it was horrible, and I couldn't believe the makeup artist actually thought it was a good look.

About a month later, I gave it another try.  Once again, I was out with some girlfriends, and we were at the same store.  I made a comment to one of the makeup artists that I would like this specific smokey eye look (I showed her a picture they had displayed in the store) and she said "Let's do it!"  I looked at her makeup, and she looked great, so I thought she would do a good job on me.  Her name was Tasha, and she was fantastic.  Not only did she go through each step of the process with me, she brought out some other products that would help (I finally found something to help cover the purple hue under my eyes!) and she was sooooo nice and patient.  She ended up helping each one of my friends, with their specific concerns, and boy was she fantastic.  So much different than my first experience there!

As a result, I bought some of the makeup that Tasha helped me use, and the next day, I tried to recreate the look.  On my way to church (perhaps not the exact right place to have a smoky eye! ha!) I took this picture.  Even with the crappy camera on my phone, you can still see that my eyes look quite more done up than normal! I think I did pretty good, although Kennedy said I looked freaky.

I've experimented more, as the days have gone by, and I think I do an ok job, now, on my makeup.  It's fun to have different looks to play around with, and I get compliments  on my eyes now, which is super fun to hear.  Oh, and now I love fake eyelashes, and although I don't go with the ones that have crazy lengths or bazaar bling on them, I get ones that look natural, and they add just enough length and thickness to make my eyes stand out nicely.  I like it, at any rate.  I feel pretty now, when I leave the house all done up.   I'd say that's a confidence booster!

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Nicki Williams said...

Beautiful! I think you did a great job.