Friday, December 14, 2012

Starlight Halloween

Due to Kimble's heart defects, not only are we part of Mended Little Hearts, we are also part of Starlight Foundation.  Every month, we get a postcard filled with information about different activities that we can participate in.  We chose to go to the Halloween party that they were putting on at The Air Force Academy, and thought it would be a great thing for the kids to participate in.

It was about a week before Halloween, and at risk of poor-mothering-judgement to come down upon me, I hadn't really given the kids' costumes much thought.  I'm rather hum-haw about Halloween.  It doesn't make me excited.  I seem to drudge through it every year.

So with this Starlight Festivity to go to, I sent the kids downstairs to the dress up box, to see what they could put together.  We didn't do too bad!  Kimble was a cowboy (in the same costume as last year, only this year it actually fits; plus, he had Keaton's cool hat, as well as his own cowboy boots to wear.

Kennedy picked out this little dress and a purse, and had a crown on her head. She was a princess-with-no-name, and she was very happy just to get some pretty makeup on!

Kolby was a ninja.  Aunt Sharon helped him with the costume.  He had on her yoga pants, his dad's black shirt (which was tied around his head/face for his mask) and his dad's black stockings.  He was happy!

Keaton wanted to be Harry Potter. We had everything (including his wand that we got this summer on our Make A Wish trip) except a cloak and tie.  Good thing we had our friend Heidi who had one to spare!  We picked it up on the way to the party, and Keaton was thrilled.

Kamy had a difficult time coming with a costume, but in the end, she became The Evil Queen from the tv show Once Upon A Time.  She was Regina. I thought she looked great.

We got to the party and there were bouncy houses everywhere (it was all indoors) and little carnival games for the kids to enjoy.   There was even dancing with the Starlight Mascot!

We also enjoyed pizza, snow cones, drinks, cotton candy, popcorn, candy and prizes (and a haunted house!).  The kids all had a great time, and even Charlie, Sharon's little guy, got to have some cotton candy too. 


We were happy to be able to participate in such a wonderful activity. Thank you Starlight!

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