Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"That Is One Good BINGO!"

Oh my Gosh!  Funnest Girls' Night I've had in a long time.  I've been blessed to have made wonderful friendships every place I have lived.  True friends that have become my besties, and who I consider to be family to me.  It's been two years since we moved a half hour south from my great group of friends.  Although it's not very far away, I really don't see them very often, and definitely not as often as I would like to see them.  I understand that they can't invite me to everything they have going on.  I truly understand that, but I feel lonely, being so close and yet so far away.
It's taken a while, but I finally feel like I have some besties in this area too.  Although I've made friends with many ladies (mostly from church), I am never content until I find the friends that will have you sit on their bed at 11pm, folding laundry and waxing legs...or something like that.  I think you know that type of friend.  EmilieAn (pictured in the middle) would classify this type of friend as someone who will bring over the shovel and help you bury the evidence.  True friends!

So still in the aftermath of our former BINGO night, we decided to give the affair another try.  With it being EmilieAn's birthday, Brittany and I planned to kidnap her one night and have a night on the town.  We began by browsing through the aisles of the Dollar Store, looking for things to beautify us for BINGO.  We settled on reading glasses, mustaches, and fake teeth.  We bought a treat and a drink (reeses and water for me) and headed to BINGO!  This time, we got there early enough to get ourselves set up, and take pictures of our lovely selves.  I'm sure we got looks from the entire room, on our getups, but we were having such a great time!

We grouped our money together and bought lots of game sheets, and if any one of us would win, we would all share the proceeds.

When the time came for BINGO to begin, we were much more prepared than our previous attempt, during our triple date the week before.  We were so on top of it, that during the second game, Brittany won! She called out BINGO! and when the lady came by to verify, it was concluded that she was correct, whereby the BINGO caller said "That is one good BINGO!" and we won a hundred dollars!!  Whooopi!  I'm sure it was our mustaches (turned unibrow) and glamorous teeth that gave us good luck!

We didn't win anymore money (although we came super close on a few games) and after BINGO was over, we headed out to see what our next adventure would be.  With most places closed by then (it was 9pm), we stopped at Target to look around and take more funny pictures with new props!


This is my "Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite" look. On sale, for limited time.  Mustache included.

After a while, we were hungry, so we went back to EmilieAn's house.  We relieved her mom, who was babysitting, and we sat around her kitchen table, eating leftovers, and talking until midnight.  I love these two ladies.  So glad to have besties to share facial hair with, ha!


Colleen said...

Looks like a blast! Besties are, well, the best! And it's not that we don't invite you to things up here, it's that we don't DO anything up here! :)

brittanyandtravis said...

That was fun. We should do it again soon.