Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Blanket Drive (Year 3)

The time came again to donate blankets to The Denver Children's Hospital!  Every year, we accept donations from friends, family members, church family, blog readers, and even strangers, collecting new (handmade or store bought) blankets to benefit the patients at the hospital.  It is timed every year  to celebrate Kimble, Chance, and Adam's birthdays and commemorate the time we spent in the hospital as they were undergoing heart surgeries.
Although we don't go extreme in our advertising, we spread the word, and every year we have enough blankets for every child in the hospital to receive a blanket and offer comfort during a difficult time. On my end, I collected 95 blankets. My two big contributors came from my friends Ande and Marcia, who both send me bags and boxes of blankets.  Thanks you sweet friends!

We loaded up the blankets and met up with the other three families (Chance and Adam's families, as well as Tabitha's family (whom we met the first year of the donation and gave a blanket to her baby Logan)).  We turned in 30 or so blankets weeks ahead of time, so the hospital could wash and prepare them, as their rule is now that everything has to be washed on site in order to be donated.  They had those blankets ready for us in a few wagons, and the rest we took to the Volunteer office to be taken care of.

Our boys are starting to understand, I think, what we do every year.  We are hoping that eventually they will get to go to the CICU to deliver the blankets personally, but for now, we take pictures downstairs with the blankets.  Just like the previous years, my sister Sharon made shirts for the boys.  Their little ChooChoo trains blow out smoke hearts, and their names are printed on the back.

While waiting to begin the "handing out" part of the donation, we saw Dr. Younoszai (one of our cherished doctors up at Children's) and had a great conversation with him. He, of course, knew of Kimble's delay in surgery (because he is on his team of doctors) and was happy to see him energetic and growing well.
The other kids all found stuff to do, as they are very familiar with the hospital.  I found it interesting that they all wanted to wear masks.  They took turns playing the itouch and taking turns riding around in the wagons.

Here's our classic picture of moms with babies. I'm so glad we are all friends and that our boys are growing up together.

As I mentioned, Tabitha and her family are part of our donation group as well.  We took the blankets up to the CICU and handed them out to all the patients that were there.  Then, the dads took another group of blankets up to the CPCU to hand those out to the heart patients that are less critical and are closer to going home.

I caught little Chance giving Kimble a hug. So precious.
The kids always make a train out of the wagons.  They do a good job being occupied in a hospital where the don't have much room to play. Also, the staff is very accommodating for us, and helpful for anything we need.

The total amount of blankets donated this year was 360!  We are so thrilled to be a part of this special event.  If you would like to donate blankets for next year's donation, I'll accept them anytime!!  Even one blanket makes a difference for the one patient who gets it!  Please feel free to email me for more information, and where to send it.

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