Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Cupboard Under The Stairs

Although Mr. Harry Potter doesn't live in our cupboard under the stairs, and no magic Hogwarts letters have arrived for any of us via owl post, we do indeed have a small closet of sorts, which we have revamped as of late.

Just inside one of our basement bedrooms is a door which opens up to a little closet, which continues on to the space under the stairs.  We have previously used this space for extra boxes of clothing (sizes too big and too small), an assortment of blankets, boxes of shoes, and gallons of paint.  When we began our couponing phase, earlier in the year, we decided this would make a great space for our storage of pantry and essential items.  Although it's not very close to the kitchen, it was out of the way and closed off from everything, so we thought it would be ideal for the storage area.

So with a few storage drawers recently vacated by toys, and some odds and ends shelving, we set up shop in the space under the stairs, for our grocery supplies.  We also got a cupboard with doors, to put items that were too tempting (for Kolby) to leave alone, like fruit snacks, powdered jello, granola bars, and brownie mixes.  We put a lock on this cupboard, and it resided just inside the closet door.  Atop the cupboard we stacked boxes of cereal.

Although the area worked well for the better part of nine months, we knew we needed more shelving.  So when we finally got around to it, The Husband measured the space and figured out a design for the shelves that would maximize the space.  These next two pictures show the transformation we have made in the past few weeks, of the little closet area just inside the door.

Just past this area is the space under the stairs.  Next year we will add shelving in here, but for now we will use our odd assortment of shelves that are in place.

Our storage is a work in progress. We continually use it and replenish it, as the coupons dictate.  We have an assortment of food and nonfood, which we enjoy stocking up.  These items include first aide supplies, feminine supplies, soaps and shampoos, toothpaste and chapstic, laundry soap and dishsoap, as well as canned goods, jarred items, almond and coconut milks, rice and pastas, oatmeal and seasonings, soups and boxed potatoes.  Most of these items were purchased at 80% off retail price too!

Our freezer is full of meats and other perishables, and our garage still has #10 cans of rice, soup mix, oats, sugar, beans, and other things.
It's a work in progress, but we are happy with what we have accomplished with couponing thus far, and we look forward to overgrowing this cupboard under the stairs and transitioning into a bigger area for our food and supply storage.  You never know when another Zombie Apocalypse or Mayan Calender world ending will occur.  Gotta be prepared!

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