Monday, December 31, 2012

The Facebook Edition: December

Kimble just counted to 10 all by himself!  Then, he counted to 14!  Didn’t miss a number.  What a smartie.

7:18am wakeup (unintentionally overslept). All four kids out the door at 7:26am. Now I know my alarm really isn't working, and I'm not just going crazy. Stupid phone alarm.

"Yes mom," Kolby replied, when given his punishment for wrongdoings. "But I'd like to reschedule my punishment for a better day." Nice try Kolby.

Keaton begrudgingly cleaned his room, all-the-while wishing his invention of a robot-who-does-your-chores had transitioned from concept to reality.

My first day off since spring. I'm having a Downton Abbey marathon, since I never got to watch it. First episode down...tons more to go. This might last all week.

Kolby is doing reading time. I hear "Mom, how to you say this?" and then he spells out v-a-m-p-i-r-e?" A minute later, he says "How do you say p-a-r-a-s-i-t-e?" Kolby, what kind of book are you reading?

The absolute last of the Christmas shopping was done last night. Today it's a trip to the post office to make the end official. We did good.

It's nap time. Kimble knows this. He is hiding from me. I called for him, and after the third time, he yelled back "I not here!"

I feel somewhat conflicted when dicing carrots and onions to go with our baked chicken, I give the peelings and veggies discards to our live chickens.

Keaton came to me rather seriously. "Mom, there is something wrong with my voice. It just won't go as high as I use to be able to go." I suggested it might have a bit to do with getting older. "Puberty?" he said with a squirmish smile. Oh, these next few years are going to be fun to see.

Today is national "Believe" day. For every letter written to Santa, and dropped off in the special red mailbox at Macy's, 2 dollars will be donated to Make A Wish. Take a minute and have your children write a letter. It helps make a child's wish (like Kimble) come true. Please share!

All my kids are home safe, and I am devastated for the people affected by the shooting. My prayers are with them.

My kids have done their chores twice, drank salted caramel hot cocoa, played in the snow, played a board game (ticket to ride), helped Kimble go potty about 34 times, and now are settling down to watch a movie. It's been a nice day at home, with the crazy windy/stormy/snowy weather outside.

Kimble always proclaims with fervor "I got an idea!" but when we ask what it is, he clamps up.

I've blogged, and am just about caught up. 30 blog posts. Read all about it.

What? The world is still here, going on like normal? Couldn't imagine that happening.

Guess I have to clean my bathrooms, now that we are around another day to use them.

Getting our Christmas Eve candlelight dinner ready! A tradition we've had since I was a kid. After dinner, we take our Christmas Eve jammie picture, which is a tradition we began our second year of marriage. Love it!

I actually had to go downstairs this morning and wake up all my sleepyheads. Merry Christmas !!

I just added about 15 books on my hold queue at the library. I love to read! Any good books I should be reading?

I need to stop hiding in my cave and go to the grocery store. I'm out of toilet paper, which is motivation enough for me, even if the kids seem oblivious to the fact.

After the previously-attempted-toy-murder-by-flushing incident, Kimble moved to the other bathroom to take a bath in comet powder. It's been an eventful morning.

Hot chocolate is perfection on a chilly day.

I hear absolute quiet in the house. Something messy must be happening.

I once pierced a boy's ear during my second year of college using ice, a yarn needle, and a potato. Anyone else have a "I once" story to share?

Happy New Year!

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