Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Facebook Edition: November

Kimble's favorite part about Halloween is all the suckers. He's in heaven eating suckers one after another. #musthidecandy

Overheard Kennedy run in the house and head straight for the bathroom: "I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go...ah, that feels good."

Three years ago I prepared myself for the likely possibility that my baby (to be born later that day) might not survive the day, let alone all the planned surgical procedures over the next few weeks. This morning, I awoke to my sweet, healthy little boy crawling in bed between Heath and I, and after we told him what a special day it was, he said "It's my birfday!" We sure love our little miracle baby. What a happy day!

Had to buy Kamy some new jeans tonight. She is growing so fast! She's now in junior sizes, and her feet are bigger than mine.

Had a dream last night that I received an email from my bank, stating that I had too much money in my account and I needed to spend it, or make a withdrawal, as soon as possible. Oh, it was hard to wake up from that dream.

I think someone must have slipped in a few extra hours between when the kids got home from school and now. It has to be much later than 7:30pm!

We are battling some stomach bugs over here. Not fun. I'm just barely getting some energy to walk around. This morning's shower wiped me out!

Hope this isn't a premonition of the future: Keaton said "I don't want to go to college. I want to be at home longer with you and dad." Sweet as that is, we told him he was out the door after graduation.

Kennedy had a pokey part of the carpet edge that stuck to her sock and unfrayed it a bit. She looked at the carpet, then said to me, "Can I get a man to fix this?" It's so unfortunate that she thinks it takes a man to fix things. Hope I wasn't the one to teach her that.

I think the reason I don't get up right when the alarm goes off isn't because I'm tired (although I am always tired), but because I'm just so darn cozy all snuggled up in bed.

Donating blankets today at The Children's Hospital! Celebrating our boys being 3 years old! If anyone still has a blanket to donate, let me know!

360 blankets donated this year!

9:30am and I already ate lunch. Long day ahead.

I love it when my washing machine produces dollar bills and chapstick. I do not love it when it produces crayons and gum. Items found after a load of wash seem to be the pivotal part of my day.

Best thing ever: Kimble randomly (and often) comes up to me throughout the day and says: I want big hugs, momma", then he wraps his arms around me and squeezes love right out of me. Even better, he stays cuddled long enough for me to get love right back.

"Most people eat roosters for family-homesgiving, right momma?" –kennedy

Trying to do smoky eyes. I think I'm getting better, although Kennedy said I looked "freaky".

Kolby said "I know how many people are in the world! 53 Bajillion...and a half." So if you are the "half", you should consider yourself unique.

Dinner is cooking in the crock pot today. It's a prep day for pies and appetizers! Turkey is brining and kids are whining. Seems about right.

My Christmas wish list is a new vacuum that actually works (no dyson...I hated ours) and a cell phone upgrade so people can actually hear me when I call them (my current phone has speaker problems). I'm nothing if not practical. What's on your wish list?

I left the room and Kimble started crying. Heath said to him "Why are you crying?" and Kimble replied "I wuv momma."

In the past, we've never really focused on appetizers, or what we would eat all day before the big Thanksgiving feast. Today, it seems I went overboard on the food, and there is no way we'll be hungry enough for our feast later today. Maybe next year I'll balance it better, but for today, we are grateful for plenty of food on our table.

Three years ago Kimble was experiencing a rocky recovery from his 1st and 2nd heart surgeries two days prior. We celebrated Thanksgiving in the hospital cafeteria quietly and without enthusiasm, with our thoughts on our little baby struggling for life in the ICU. Since then, we take the opportunity to stay home, stay together, and stay strong during Thanksgiving. We are happy to just be with our little family. Although we miss gathering with our dear family and friends, we are quite content to have our own celebrations, void of hospitals, cafeterias, and surgeries. There will probably be other years where we experience that again, but for today, we count our blessings.

Kamy likes to listen to Delilah on the radio.

Unfortunately unmotivated today.

After dinner, I asked Kolby to do his reading. He replied: "Sure mom, but reading reminds me of school, and then school gets done, which means I go to homework club. That reminds me of doing homework, and when I get that done, I come home, then I put away my bags and see the kitchen, which reminds me of food, which makes me hungry, and...well, mom...if I start reading, I'm gonna need a snack." Well played, Mr. "If you give a mouse a cookie".

"You look great...for having five kids!" I always hear that, and wish they would just leave out the "for having five kids" statement. If I had four kids, or two kids, or no kids, does that mean I don't look as great? It's like the compliment has a catch to it. I say "Thank you", but really I want to punch the person in the face.

The store cashier complimented me on how pretty my eyes were. Then she scanned the fake eyelashes I was buying. Her accusatory 'you-are-living-a-lie' glare didn't stop me from giving her a wink as I left her register.

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