Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Facebook Edition: October

Last Saturday, at the Farmer’s Market, I had a gaggle of lovely older women spend quite a bit of time at my booth.  At the end, as they were leaving, one lady said “So are you a student?”  I told her I was 36 years old and had five kids.  I think I caused her heart palpitations. She was so shocked she almost fell over. Guess  I look young for my age. She said she though I was 20.

Kimble is at the stage where a kiss makes any owie feel better. I love it.

I’ve always wanted to be able to pull of a smokey eye look with makeup. Anyone want to teach me?

Question of the day. “Mom, what is a rectum?”

I haven’t made dinner yet. Too busy sewing today. Kennedy just said “Mom, I need dinner. I’m gonna call for a pizza.”  Then she picks up the play phone, says “Yes, I need a pizza quick! This is Kennedy Nunnelly You know where I live.”

Do you think sleep can be transferred vicariously?  I need someone to sleep for me so I feel awake.

Overly discouraged by the amount of laundry I do every day (especially since I know my kids wear the same clothes day after day because-they-refuse-to-change-despite-my-many-protests), I noticed the baskets and baskets of “dirty” laundry they brought up to be washed. “I looked through everything and smelled each thing! They are all dirty!”  all the kids proclaimed.  Among the “dirty” clothing was belts, scouting neckerchiefs, Kennedy’s blessing dress, shoes, baseball hats, cups, toy cars, hangers, food wrappers, and colored pencils.  Guess those things just slipped through the cracks, huh.

Yesterday, The Husband spent about three hours de-clogging pipes and vents up in the attic, so the dryer line could be clear. Now, our dryer actually dries clothes in one cycle, instead of four. Thank you Heath!! Now, more of your hard-earned money can go to something else, instead of the utility bill!

I need a pick-me-up!  It’s time like this that I understand why people want caffeine.

I declare today a nothing day. I plan to sit, read,sleep,rest and do nothing that relates to sewing. Yesterday’s boutique went great and I earned a day off.

The Husband let me go shopping with friends today. He didn’t even complain when my few-hour shopping trip turned into all day. He even liked what I bought, as well as the perfume I sampled in the store. He didn’t, however, like the “smokey eye” look the makeup artist gave me. He thought I looked like Johnny Depp in the Pirates movie, and I had to agree with him. Didn’t suit me. I’ll just keep experimenting on a look that works for me.

Some days I walk out of the house and totally feel like Stacey and Clinton would approve my outfit. Today was one of those days.

Keaton ate 7 tacos for dinner, and I still hear him in the kitchen munching on more tacos and moaning about how good they are. It reminds me of a journal post I made when I was about his age. I wrote about my younger sister.  “Shavonne had three tacos for dinner. What a pig.”  Shavonne, Keaton far surpassed you. He wins the honor of pigship.

Yesterday, Kimble came running to me, with Georgie walking like Frankenstein behind him, chasing him through the house. He yelled “momma, it a ghost!”

I went downstairs this morning to wake up the kids for school, and when I went to Keaton’s bed, on the top bunk, Kimble popped up and said “hi momma!”  Totally startled me, for he should have been in his own bed.  I asked him what he was doing there, and he said “I here with Keaton!”  He just started calling his siblings by their names and it’s so cute to hear.

I was served breakfast by Chef Keaton and Waiter Kolby this morning. The scrambled eggs weren’t half bad.

Keaton discovered a blackhead on his forehead. He asked with seriousness “Mom, is it puberty?”

Just realized that the glass of water that I had next to my bed, which I just drank, was the same water Kimble repeatedly swished and spit back into the glass the night before.

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