Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Facebook Edition: September

Overheard Kamy telling someone about how another friend is a vegetarian and the only meat she has ever really craved is fried chicken.  He said “Why fried chicken?  There are so many other meats that are better.”  Kamy replied “I know…like hot dogs!”  I totally gagged…and should ground her from food for having such a disgusting and limited palate.

So excited for the Dirty Dash today! I’m running it with friends and then The Husband is doing the piglet dash with the kiddos. Time to get dirty!

I think I got slammed with allergies from doing the mud run. I’ve been sneezing with itchy watering eyes and a runny nose. I took some medicine yesterday and this morning I zonked out after church today. Thanks, babe, or letting me nap for 4 hours!

Spent all morning just being next to Kimble. His “life-threatening” status felt close to home today.

Keaton ended his prayer this morning with a bit of advice: “And please bless Kennedy that she’ll be prepared for the cold winter.”  I don’t know if he intends us to fatten her up or teach her outdoor survival tips.

Deleting friends that don’t interact with me on facebook. I doubt they will notice, but feel sorta bad about it.

When Kimble is playing with his toy cars, he makes the beeping noise if he backs one up.

Hiking Pikes Peak tomorrow with The Husband. Hope we make it up and down without catastrophe!

Just narrowed the list down 30 more people.  Looks like you made the cut again.

I have fresh chicken eggs in abundance. Who has empty spaces in their egg cartons?

Today I got released from being Young Women’s President at church.  I’m sad, and will miss all my lovely girls, but I know it was done to help manage everything with Kimble’s upcoming surgery.

“Can I have two friendship braids today, momma?  I love it that Kennedy calls French braids Friendship braids.

I asked Kolby if his room was clean. He replied “Yup! It’s beautiful, just like you, momma!”  Now that’s a remark that gets rewarded!

After about six months of only having one pair of jeans, I finally got a new pair today!

One of Keaton’s “garbage” families (meaning he takes out their garbage every week)is black. Keaton calls the dad “The brown man”. I smile every time I hear him say “I stopped by the brown man’s house today and got paid.”  I’m not sure if I should correct him or not, but it’s so cute.

Witnessed an almost altercation at Walmart today, between two women, one daughter, and a son who was sporting a flamer mustache and appeared to be 15 years old. “Let’s take this outside!”  “After you!”  Then both their bravado failed them.   Thank you, Walmart, for good reality television. All of this happened over a remark about a watermelon.

I made a cake today. Not sure why, really, because we don’t eat cake.

I spotted a lime green crayon in my load of whites, right before I would have closed the lid and walked away. I am the unsung hero of the day.

Today marks four days in a row that Kolby has homework detention.  This is given if their homework isn’t turned in everyday.  In reality, we spend hours every night getting him to complete his homework. Either he isn’t bringing home all his work, or he isn’t turning it in. Totally expecting a teacher conference soon.

My sweet baby boy is sick with a fever.  Hope it’s just a quick 24 hour thing because he has his heart cath on Wednesday and he needs to be healthy for it.  Poor thing is lying in bed crying and saying “I hurt” but when I ask him where, he whimpers “I don’t know.”

While getting our family pictures taken last night, Keaton said to our sweet photographer friend “You should be my mom’s assistant. She can teach you a lot. She takes amazing pictures.”  Amy, I’m positive it’s the other way around! I’m excited to see the pictures you captured!

It took me three hours to clean my bedroom and closet (with minor interruptions involving Kimble, the phone, and doing laundry).  Yes, it was quite a mess.

On our way to Denver or Mr. Kimble’s heart cath and MRI.

Quick update: Kimble had a great night’s sleep and is practically back to normal today. He is supposed to rest, but he has walked around a bit. His appetite is back and he is happy, although a little sore in his groin where they went in for the angiogram.

Darn flies. Don’t you realize that if you continue to buzz around me…you.will.die.

Just signed a permission slip for Keaotn’s field trip next week. It requires 5 dollars, and Keaton said “Mom, I got this.  I’d be happy to pay the money.”

Kenned comes home from school and calls me “miss momma”.

Kennedy and I are in constant disagreement over the sign language her teacher teaches  her, and the sign language I know to be correct.

During a game of Hide-and-go-seek, I overheard Kennedy (who was hiding) yell to Kolby (who was seeking) “I’ll give you a hint! I’m under the kitchen table!”

I always get excited when I make my two week menu, especially when I make it while hungry.

Surgical update: I know everyone has been wondering what was decided for Kimble’s surgery. Just heard back from the doctor today.  There will be No Surgery planned for next month!  Kimble’s right heart, and more specifically his tricuspid valve, isn’t functioning at a high enough level to handle his full supply of blood. This is good in that we don’t have to plan for surgery soon, but bad in that his heart is still far from functioning normally.  We will revisit discussing options  for more surgical intervention in six months. For now, we let him remain stable and give his heart more time to grow.

For weeks, miss Kennedy wouldn’t let me pull out her hanging-by-a-thread tooth, but she’ll walk over to the neighbor’s house and have her pull it out. Two seconds later, she’s back at home with a tooth in her hand, instead of her mouth. Crazy girl.

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