Friday, December 14, 2012

The Making of a Boy Doll

I mentioned previously that my sister Sharon helped me tweak my pattern for boy dolls.  I had made my girl dollie about three years ago, based on what little Georgie wanted at the time.  I still use that pattern today, only slight adjusted, to make my girl dolls.  However, I really wanted to offer boy dolls as well.  Knowing that some dads don't want their little guys playing with dolls, I needed to make them something that wouldn't really seem like they were playing with a baby doll.  What I needed, was a superhero!

However, before I got to that realization, I was trying to get the doll tweaked just right. Upon Kolby's insistence, I made him a boy doll last year.  Although he was well received, I wasn't happy with how he turned out. 

I had made about 8 boy dolls earlier this summer, each time tweaking one or more things on the doll, to get the pattern right.  I didn't take a picture of this, but I had all the dolls lined up, and it reminded me of the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.  This doll's head was too big.  That dolls arms were all wrong.  This doll had too squatty of a body.  That doll had leg issues.  Another doll's hair was wrong... On and on it went.  (I donated all of those dolls to a good cause.)

I made one more doll...this one.  Then I gave up.  I just couldn't get my boy dolls to be cute!  So I shelved him (just like Woody on Toy Story 2) and decided to try again later.  Much later.

When Sharon came, she saw the boy doll on the shelf, hidden in disgrace.  We decided to try again.  First, just like the girl doll, we started with a drawing.  Sharon thought it would be cute if the doll had suspenders and a belt buckle, and we added my idea of having his bowtie connect the detachable supercape I had planned, and we needed to add a super mask as well.

The first one we made...well, he didn't look so great.  His hair was still wrong (needed to come down more on the head) and his body proportions were still off. 

This time, we just used some muslin that I had, to make the doll, so more fabric wouldn't get wasted. We didn't stitch the face or do anything extra.  We just wanted to make sure we got the boy proportioned correctly before we moved on the dolls accessories.  Wouldn't you know turned out pretty good!
Confident in our ability to make a boy doll that would be just as cute as we envisioned, Sharon and I each made a superhero boy doll.
After Sharon left to go back home, I made more boy dolls.  With the cape, bowtie and mask all be removable, it makes for a fun interactive boy doll/superhero for little guys to play with and love.  I'm quite proud of these dolls!

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