Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Santa Train

Once again, we were invited to a Starlight Foundation activity.  This time, it was a Santa Train where the children were encouraged to wear pajamas, drink  hot cocoa, and talk with Santa as he gave them a "Believe" bell, all while sitting comfortably in the Polar Express train as it journeyed through the night.

It ended up being The Husband and kids that went. I had met some difficulties with my sewing machine that day, and was up against a deadline, so I had to miss out on all the fun.  It was fun, too, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

While they were waiting for the dinner portion of the evening to be over, and the trainride to begin, they were occupied by coloring pages, Christmas music, and an elf who came by to paint designs on the children's  hands.  It seems, too, that the highlight of the ride for Kimble was holding his very own special ticket!

They were allowed to go out to a train car that had no roof, and they watched the countryside go by, and saw the beautiful sky full of stars.  They drank yummy hot cocoa and enjoyed the train ride very much.  Then, it was time for Santa to make his appearance!  The kids were so excited, and you can see by Kimble's face, that he was experiencing the magic of Christmas!

Each of the children talked with Santa, as he gave them a special bell of  their own.

I'm so glad they had this opportunity to go.  They came home enthusiastically ringing their bells and asking me if I could hear the sound, which meant that I believed! It was a great way to begin the holiday season.  (oh, and Kamy took all the pictures from the night.)

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