Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Facebook Edition: January 2013

This morning I put on my running pants, and had to hike them up over my butt. I was pretty sad that I had too much butt and not enough pants, until I took them off after my workout, and realized I had them on backwards.

New calling at church. An old favorite: primary chorister!

Last night Heath said "Thanks for cleaning our bedroom tomorrow." Guess I better clean our bedroom, so his thanks don't go wasted.

It's just absolutely wrong when eyes start drooping and body gets tired 10 minutes before the kids get home from school.

Kimble tried to help with dinner by dumping an entire bottle of garlic salt into my pot of turkey chili. Good thing he didn't stir it in. I just scooped it all out, including affected areas, and we were able to salvage dinner.

Yes, I realize that every other instagram picture I post is of Kimble, but he is around me the most. Not my fault that he favors me and my camera more than the other kids.

"I am going to succeed. I am going to love running. I am going to lose weight." ...said over and over again to myself, all day long. As if to test the theory, I made cookies for the kids and didn't have one. Not even a crumb. Please someone congratulate me.

Kimble turned off the treadmill when I was in mid-run and zoned out. Startled, would be an understatement.

Just filed our business name with the state and got a tax ID number. Krinkle Kut LLC is official!

Kimble took a bite out of every single apple I bought today.

7pm. I think the day should be over.  My kids don't agree.

It's negative2 degrees outside. Although the kids were bundled up really good, I still felt bad sending them out in the cold.

I think the "good mom" potion in me fizzles out after an hour of post-school madness.

This running every day thing has got to turn into happiness at some point, right?

Last night, Keaton's prayer included safety for his dad from any tornadoes or earthquakes. I love that he thinks of random calamities to pray for protection from.

Four day weekend with the kids. They proclaimed it the most boring weekend ever. Too bad for them.

Oh that alarm was rough to hear this morning.

Kolby has no interest in making his pinewood derby car, to be raced in two days. We are not doing it for him, so it seems that he won't be competing.Hopefully he'll change his mind. I'd hate to see him left out.

We got a part fixed in the van yesterday, and so this morning Heath said "When you are driving it, text me and tell me how it's running." I looked at him and then he said "wait, don't text while you are driving! Text me after!" Ha. Babe, the van is running great!

Kimble's latest catch phrase is "oh goodie". He says it in reply to almost everything. "Time to eat, Kimble!" He replies "Oh goodie!"  "Put your trains away please." "oh goodie"

I had to pick up sick-Kolby from school today, and while I was there, I went into the cafeteria to tell Keaton that he needed to walk Kennedy home before he did his garbage route. As a 5th grade boy, I wondered how embarrassed he would be to see me, but instead, he said "mom!" with a smile, and gave me a hug. Such a good boy.

I wish schools had a drive-thru for when you just need to drop off something. It would make life so much easier.

Keaton, anticipating moving up to middle school in August: "Mom, please don't send me to 6th grade wearing tighty-whities."

When the little girl I'm watching noticed that I was making meatballs for dinner, she turned and said "I don't want any." Kennedy piped up and said "Oh, you WANT my mom's meatballs. She makes the best food in the world!"

Kimble hid my phone, and it must be really well hidden because even he doesn't know where it is. If you need me...don't call or text.

Found my phone in the box of goldfish crackers.

When the clouds covered the sun for a moment, and our house suddenly darkened significantly, Keaton looked at me and said "Mom, It's like our house is being taken over by dark magic."

Kimble woke up from his nap and yelled through the door "Mommy, it's me. Kimble. I awake now! 

Instagram Tag

I was tagged on Instagram to share five things about myself.  I'm sure everyone already knows these things, if they read my blog, but I couldn't think of anything else to write.

1. As a child, I went to speech therapy because I couldn't pronounce my Rs and Ls.  I still have to work hard to say those sounds correctly.

2. I hate getting ready every morning.  My hair is crazy unless I wash/blowdry/straight iron it everyday.

3. My love language is service.

4. My husband calls me "the  cold one"  because I am always freezing, especially my hands and feet.

5. I payed for my entire college education and was the first of my siblings to get a 4 year degree.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Little Darling Strikes Again

For three hours today, I couldn't find my phone.  I knew where I last put it, and I also knew that Kimble liked to sneak it away from me to "play".  One day last week, while I was running, Kimble took a bunch of blacked-out photos and uploaded them to Instagram.  Ha!

 He also knows where hidden things are...because he hides them.  Last week, I couldn't find the remote control to our tv.  I looked and looked.  Then I asked Kimble.  He went right around the corner, got the remote from his hiding place, and then gave it to me.

So I asked him where he put my phone.  "I don't know!" he said over and over again.  Not a good sign!  I looked in all of his secret hiding the sidetable drawer, behind the couch cushion, under his bed, in the garbage, and in the pantry.  I also looked at places where he likes to put my things, like in my sewing drawer, my closet, and under my pillow.  No phone.

Three phone.  I felt completely disconnected from the world!  I also figured I would have to seriously deep clean my house, in order to find my phone.  Where could he have put it?

Finally, from the other room, I hear "Mommy, I got you phone!"  He brought me my precious phone, covered in cheesy cracker dust.  "Kimble" I said, "Did you hide my phone in the goldfish box?"

"Yes, Mommy".

Oh, Kimble.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Gear

My kids found this ski mask in a bag of clothes that was given to us, and I laughed at how they wanted to wear it.  Keaton won the draw, and got to wear it to school on this snowy morning, but it didn't stop Kennedy from playing with it beforehand.

Speaking of snow, Mr. Kimble saw it out the window and he wanted so desperately to play outside. So, I bundled him up and we took a step on the back porch.  We took this picture, and then Kimble wouldn't go any further.  He wanted back inside where it was warm!

So technically we didn't play in the snow, but he still liked to watch it through the window.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hair Dye

I dye my hair. Frequently.  I'm one who suffers from premature graying.  I have so much gray hair now, that I think it's bordering on 50/50.  Not fun for me, when I'm trying to be young and hip.

So, about every three months, when I see so much gray that I can't take it anymore, I dye my hair.  I like to highlight it in the same tone as the hair color, so here are my two boxes, and I use the entire bottle of dye because of how thick my hair is.  When it gets longer, I have to buy two boxes.  Drama Drama.

I like my hair to be as close to my natural color as possible, so I choose a dark auburn brown.  I love it!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Dress

I love this dress. It's my favorite.  Well, it's my only dress, but it's still my favorite.  I normally wear skirts, but if I had more dresses like this, I'd wear them all the time.  The picture doesn't show it well, but its very slimming. I always get compliments when I wear it.   I found it at Ross last summer, and it was the only one on the rack.  I'm always on the lookout for more dresses like this.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Couponing Haul

Oh, I love to coupon. Finding the deals, organizing the coupons, making your list and then the satisfaction of watching the register price go down and down and down.  It's awesome.

Today, The Husband and I loaded up on nonperishables.  Canned foods, pastas, dishwashing soaps, tissues and ziploc bags. The total price, before store discounts and coupons: $386.08  The price I paid: $111.14.

Here is what I got:
10 jars of Salsa
10 boxes of Finish Dishwashing Tabs
15 boxes of Kleenex
35 cans of Diced Tomatoes
25 boxes of Pasta
20 boxes of Ziploc bags
43 cans of Progresso Soup
2 bottles of ALL Laundry Soap

Edited to add:  I buy 10 copies of the Sunday paper, so I have 10 sets of coupons. That way, when something goes on sale, I can buy more of the same item, and that's how I stock up!  I also subscribe to The Grocery Game and every week, there is a list that tells you what is on sale, where it is, and what coupon to use, and when it's a fabulous deal and to stock up!  I even get items for free.  There are two points to remember.  1. I may not use a coupon right might be two months later, and then the sale happens.  2. Just because I have a coupon, doesn't mean I buy the item. There are a lot of junk coupons out there.  I only buy what I want my family to eat/use.

So, if you want to coupon, without the stress of scanning the store ads and searching for coupons you may or may not have, I suggest you use The Grocery Game too. You can sign up for a free trial, to see if you like it (which you will), but I suggest you start getting multiple copies of the Sunday paper before you begin your free trial, otherwise you won't have any coupons to use.  If you decide to sign up, feel free to use my email as a referral.  If three of you sign up, I'll get a free month.  No pressure, though.  (These are completely my own ideas and The Grocery Game has not asked me to promote them.)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Vinyl (Fitted) Tablecloth

This is the second time I've made a fitted vinyl tablecloth for our kitchen table.  The first one was red/white polkadot (I loved it), but the kids got adventurous with puncturing the tablecloth with fork prines and knife points.  I took it off months ago and threw it away.  Since then, I've wanted to make another one, but I just needed some vinyl. Plus, you just can't find fitted tablecloths for a 54x54 square table!

Today, I was browsing through a store and found some black/white damask for less than 3 dollars a yard.  So I bought 5 yards (which was more than I needed but I hate being short the fabric needed for a project).  I came home and within an hour or so, had a new tablecloth.  (I chose a red trim because I have lots of roosters in my kitchen)

It's fun!  I like it, and so does everyone else.  Oh, and you better bet that I threatened whoever might want to be 'puncture' happy with severe punishments if they played knives with my new tablecloth!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


He likes to run errands with me.
He likes to snuggle.
He likes to hold my hand.
He likes to work out with me.

He will get out of bed, if our house is cold, just to get me a pair of socks to wear so my feet get warm.
He will sit next to me if I'm reading a book, just to be by me.
He will turn the tv down so low after I've gone to bed, so the noise doesn't disturb me.
He calms me down in the middle of the night when I wake up frantically sleep talking.

He likes to call/text me throughout the day, just to connect with me.
He helps me with my sewing, and he wants it to become a huge business.
He sings to me.
He is attracted to me.

What a guy.  I love him!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Quilt

I have a baby shower coming up this weekend, and so I sewed again, and it was nice to make something for leisure, instead of for work.  I went through all my corduroy pieces that I use for my bibs, and found enough scraps to use for a patchwork baby quilt. I laid out a pattern and then sewed it all together.

Then I made bias tape out of some more corduroy. I love handmade bias tape; it doesn't take that long to make and it is so much better than store-bought bias tape.

However, as beautiful as that bias tape is, I still am a big fat failure at actually sewing it onto the blanket.  I did it, and the top side looks pretty good, but the back side is a bit wonky.  I'm the first to admit that although I can sew, I can not quilt.  Maybe someday I'll improve.  I hope.  For now, I just pray that my friend can look past the errors in the quilt, and take it for what it is...something made and given in love.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will Power

I really really like to cook.  I spend my free time looking at recipe books, reading recipe blogs, and flipping through recipe magazines.  I find it so satisfying to make a great dinner.  I like to cook for my family.  I like to cook for my friends.  I like to bring dinners to friends who aren't feeling well or those who have just had a baby.  When I'm traveling, or sick, or in the hospital with Kimble, or for whatever reason am away from my kitchen, I'm not very happy without a home-cooked meal.

Lately, I've been trying to figure out what food sensitivities I have.  As a result, I have eliminated almost everything from my diet, to create a clean slate, of sorts, so that when I bring these 'trigger' foods back one at a time, I'll know which foods I'm allergic to, which foods I have a sensitivity to, and which foods are fine for me to eat.

So for the past few weeks, I've had a completely different diet than the rest of my family has.  However, since I'm the main cook in the family, I've still been making them food as well.  (Although I have to add that The Husband has done wonderfully in taking over cooking meals.  He likes to cook as well, and so many days he will go in and figure out what to feed the masses...).  It's been hard to make tacos or lasagna or swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes for the family, but not be able to have one bite. Not even a taste to check for seasoning.

I smell the food. I make the food. I serve the food...but I don't eat the food.  It takes a lot of willpower.  However, I see the vision of what I'm trying to accomplish.  I don't want to be negatively influenced by the food I eat.  I know something that I'm eating is triggering health issues.  I'm determined to find out what it is.

So temporarily, I feel restricted with food.  It's hard to enjoy the fruit of my labors if I can't eat it with everyone else.  I'm tempted by everything I see, but swayed by nothing.  I'm staying strong. I'm going to fight this battle and win.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Daddy Dates

You don't know how often I come out of my bedroom late at night (I'm an early-to-bed kinda girl) to see The Husband in the kitchen with one of our kids.  They are usually sitting around the table, having an omelet or sharing some chocolate milk, making a sandwich, or sneaking some cookies.  The kids are happy to stay up after they have been sent to bed, and The Husband is happy to have someone to talk to (since I'm a sleepyhead).

The Husband uses the time to teach the kids about different things: Life lessons, bullying, singing, the gospel, happiness, or they just talk about what's going on in their life at the moment.  The kids love the one-on-one time they get with their daddy (it's always just one child that sneaks up to hang out after hours with dad) and he really finds the time to be special as well.  Afterall, he didn't grow up with a dad, and so he uses every excuse he can to be with them and teach them and enjoy the little people they are.

These dates are usually reserved for the big kids, but one night I found Kimble, sitting on the countertop, sharing a sandwich with his daddy.  He was so happy.   On nights like these, which occur once every few weeks, I go back to bed, secure in the knowledge that I married a very good man.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Instagram This Week

Here are some pictures to share from this past week or so.  I realize that they are heavy on the Kimble scale, but he is always around me, and makes for a great picture, especially when he says "Take a picture, mommy!"   First up, Kimble and The Husband dancing around the living room.  I was on the ground, clipping coupons, and Kimble was happily gliding around the room in his daddy's arms, as they hummed together in harmony.

Quiet time with the kindle. 

Kimble's face.

The Husband went biking this week, as we had a few days of glorious weather.  I caught him just as the sun was beginning to set.  Gorgeous.

Kimble likes to lie on me to rest; it's my favorite time of day.

Kimble loves to drink water and then hold it in his mouth for as long as possible.

Coming home from our Build-A-Bear activity, I took this self portrait.

Most days of the week, if I'm not going anywhere, this is what I look like. Comfy and in my jammies.

Kimble loves to play with his siblings, and Kolby loves to give piggy-back rides!

I really like instagram!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Build A Bear

Once a month, our Mended Little Hearts group has a children's activity.  This month, it was sponsored by Build-A-Bear.  They allowed 20 kids to come in before the store was opened and helped them build their own bear, complete with a special heart to put inside.  We went with just four of the kids, as Keaton was away on an overnight campout with his scout group.

First, the kids got to pick between a brown bear and a white bear.  All the kids chose a white bear except for Kennedy, who chose the brown.  They all loved how soft and fluffy they were.

Next up, they put their special heart in their bears and then they got stuffed and sewn up.

The next station was the fluffy and grooming station.  They stepped on a pedal and air came out  of the "shower faucets", giving them an air bath.

 Then they used these little brushes to comb and fluff their fur.

Next up, they gave their bears names and made birth certificates for them.

Build-A-Bear graciously donated all of the bears, so we were responsible for any clothing we wanted. We allowed the kids to pick out one piece of clothing for their bears, to make them individual.  Everyone was happy, except Kennedy, who wanted to get a pretty purse and a skirt and other accessories for her bear. Next time, we told her, but she was still unhappy. She's trying to put on a brave and happy face for the picture, but she was crying.

She got happier, though, as she started playing with her bear.  Plus, I said we could make some cute clothes for her bear after a while.  All the kids have loved their bears and have been carrying them around with them everywhere they go.  Thanks Build-A-Bear!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Today, according to Kamy

I thought I'd turn over the reins to Kamy today.  She is going to tell you about her day, which she had off from school because of Teacher Inservice day.

I just hope you guys speak English, for those that are reading this. Well I am going to be babysitting for the second time tomorrow night, and it's for a family in our church. I'm excited!  Today was very fun and a little awkward too. When I woke up this morning, I did the usual things...ate breakfast, took care of Kimble, and then I  did chores.   After that all the kids (including me) went outside and jumped on the trampoline.  When we were all tired from jumping, we went inside and watched a Veggie Tales movie (Jonah and the Whale) and then we went back outside to play.  I also read a book and other stuff too.  Today was an okay day.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jumping at Sunset

In one day, we went from negative5 degrees to 58 degrees.  That's Colorado weather for ya.  To celebrate, the kids came home from school and jumped on the trampoline (before) they had to do homework.  They loved it.  Even Kimble joined in the fun.  

They asked me to jump with them, but I wasn't sure my bladder would hold up.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Denver Dynamites Soccer Game

If you remember last January, we attended a Denver Dynamite Soccer Game, and The Husband sang the National Anthem at it.  This year, he was asked to do it again.  The coach of the team is our friend Chuck, who is part of our Mended Little Hearts group.  He has heart defects and is still on the waiting list for a new heart.

Just like last year, we all went out on the field to high-5 the players.  In the pictures, you see Chuck, and some of the players, giving high-5's.

 Then Heath went out and sang the National Anthem. He did beautifully.

After that, we just chilled out and watched the game.  Kimble took turns between watching the game with daddy, and sitting on my lap. Kennedy played with the other little kids there, and I didn't really see Keaton or Kolby the entire game, as they were sitting with their buddies.

During halftime, all the kids went out on the field and played soccer.  Kolby is in the dark shirt in the back-right. He had a great time.

Here is a picture of the heart moms that were there.

The next picture shows the entire Denver Dynamite team, along with the Mended Little Hearts kids that were there.  It was a lot of fun.  Our team won, too, so  it was extra exciting!