Wednesday, January 2, 2013

18 hours of New Years Eve

New Year's Eve day, Kimble woke us all up bright and early.  We had a few things to do around the house, and then we headed out to spend the day together.  I took this blurry picture of all of us, right before we headed out the door. We had a mission: buy the kids shoes. Not so easy as it seems.
After going to six different stores, we finally found shoes for Kennedy, Kolby, and Keaton.  Kamy elected to get a coat instead of shoes, and Kimble didn't need any shoes.

The boys both needed tennis shoes and church shoes, Kennedy needed church shoes, and Kamy wanted boots, but elected to get the coat instead, using some money she had from her first official babysitting job outside of our family.  We sent the above pictures to my parents, who had sent some Christmas money for the kids.  The picture showed her what we spent the money on. Thanks Grandma!

 After all the shoe/coat shopping was done, and we had gotten a few groceries for our New Year's Eve snackfest, we made a quick lunch break with the kids.  After lunch, they all enjoyed cotton candy. The boys, especially, love cotton candy.

After arriving home in the late afternoon, I put Kimble down for a late nap (in anticipation of staying up late for New Year's Eve) and I had a short nap too.  After that, I talked The Husband into giving all the boys haircuts, which he does every few months but it's never on a day that's convenient.  He decided that he wanted to wear his black shirt later, and so he fashioned a garbage bag to wear over his shirt.  Very becoming, don't you think? Ha!

He cut Kimble's hair (I had to bribe Kimble, every 20 seconds, with chocolate chips so he would stay still) and he did Keaton and Kolby's hair, then he did his own.

After a late dinner of snack-type food (It was New Year's Eve afterall), we all went downstairs and had a wii competition.  Bowling, Tennis, and Baseball were our games of choice, with each one of us playing the skills-assessment part of the game.  We then determined, based on the individual scores, who won each event.  Kennedy won bowling (go figure), The Husband won tennis, and I won baseball.  It was a fun night rooting each other on, and teasing each other about who would win.
Oh, and The Husband and I needed to make our wii mii figures.  This is what we came up with.  If you look closely, Heath's character has pigtails and eyeshadow on.  I have a mustache.  Guess we like to accessorize.

It was a fun night spent with each other (we actually lasted to midnight this year!), after a fun day too.  18 hours of family togetherness.  Hard to beat that.


Colleen said...

Definitely hard to beat! It was so great to see you all yesterday!

Jennsuewild said...

Love the blurry picture, and I love how much Kamy loves her new coat..