Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bathtime Buddies

Kennedy and Kimble love to take baths together.  

Baths are always more fun when you have a bathtime least, when you are young.  I remember up until I was 12, always having to share my baths with my older sister.  She always sat in the front of the tub, and I got the back, but before you think she had the better position, she got all the hot water around her, and I was left with the lukewarm water by me.

But I digress.

After-bath is especially more warm and cozy when you are wearing mustache pajamas!

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The Brown's Sanitarium said...

Every older sibling will tell you the superior spot in the bath tub is near the spigot is the best water therefore they must own it. Little did they know, we the younger sibling, were peeing in the water the whole time knowing it would gravitate towards the drain.