Saturday, January 19, 2013

Build A Bear

Once a month, our Mended Little Hearts group has a children's activity.  This month, it was sponsored by Build-A-Bear.  They allowed 20 kids to come in before the store was opened and helped them build their own bear, complete with a special heart to put inside.  We went with just four of the kids, as Keaton was away on an overnight campout with his scout group.

First, the kids got to pick between a brown bear and a white bear.  All the kids chose a white bear except for Kennedy, who chose the brown.  They all loved how soft and fluffy they were.

Next up, they put their special heart in their bears and then they got stuffed and sewn up.

The next station was the fluffy and grooming station.  They stepped on a pedal and air came out  of the "shower faucets", giving them an air bath.

 Then they used these little brushes to comb and fluff their fur.

Next up, they gave their bears names and made birth certificates for them.

Build-A-Bear graciously donated all of the bears, so we were responsible for any clothing we wanted. We allowed the kids to pick out one piece of clothing for their bears, to make them individual.  Everyone was happy, except Kennedy, who wanted to get a pretty purse and a skirt and other accessories for her bear. Next time, we told her, but she was still unhappy. She's trying to put on a brave and happy face for the picture, but she was crying.

She got happier, though, as she started playing with her bear.  Plus, I said we could make some cute clothes for her bear after a while.  All the kids have loved their bears and have been carrying them around with them everywhere they go.  Thanks Build-A-Bear!!

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