Monday, January 7, 2013

Church Day

We go to church every Sunday, but yesterday's church was a bit different.  Mr. Kimble is now 3 years old, and starting the first of the year, all 3 year olds move up from nursery to primary.  Kimble now has class, like the other primary kids, and then he joins all the 3-11 year olds in the primary room for music and sharing time (group lesson).  It's so cute to see the new Sunbeams (as their class is called) try to learn the ways of being big boys and girls, transitioning from toddlers to little kids.

I snuck a picture of Kimble, through the doorway of his class. He was folding his arms reverently and being such a good boy.  It's kind of sad that I'll never have another baby in nursery, and my last baby is now big enough for primary.  However, I'm super happy that I get to witness him (and Kennedy, Kolby and Keaton) be in primary every week because I am now the new primary chorister.  I get to teach everyone songs all year and although it's tough, it's so rewarding.

I took this picture of myself, right before we headed to church...

This next picture is little Kennedy, wearing a cute felt flower that I made this summer and sold (similar  ones) at the farmer's market. It was the perfect touch of softness for her Sunday outfit.

Sunday's are good days for us. Lots of family time together but not much on the agenda besides church.  We sure enjoy it.

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Shannon said...

I recently was released from that calling and love, love, loved it! It is A LOT of work, but very fun. Enjoy it!