Sunday, January 13, 2013


Confession: One day this week, I went back to bed after the kids left for school.  After I woke up mid morning, I did my run on the treadmill...then I took another nap.  That day was blissful.

Confession:  This week I started watching Dawson's Creek on netflix, as I do my daily running.  Started at season 1 episode 1. Don't judge.

Confession: I hate wearing shoes.

Confession: I'm always worried I have something in my teeth after mealtimes, and can't think straight until I go brush my teeth.

Confession: I usually carry around a toothbrush in my purse.

Confession: I like to watch people in stores.  It's the perfect reality television.

Confession: I hate it when people say "Smile!  It can't be that bad!" or something along those lines because they think I look mad.

Confession: I think throwing up is just about the end of the world.  I'd rather have so many other forms of pain inflicted on me, than to throw up.

Confession: I have panic attacks when I go to the dentist.

Confession: I'm usually asleep by 9pm every night.

Confession:  I take a lot of pride over how quickly I can type.

Confession:  I have one or two white hairs that grow extra long on my chin. They are stubborn to pluck and often stay hidden until they are about 1 inch long, and jutting out of my chin with utter abandon.  I can't believe people haven't noticed them before.   As alert as I am to their ever-growing presence, every once in a while one grows long enough to warrant endorsement 20 feet away.  Then I feel embarrassment over who might've seen it and didn't say anything to me. Pluck!  It's gone...until next time.

Confession: Most months I only shave my legs once a week. During the summer time, it's almost everyday.

Confession:  I have tons of moles, but my favorite one is on my second to smallest toe on my left foot.

Confession:  I am almost always cold.

Confession:  I talk in my sleep.  A lot.

Confession: I wear pajama bottoms most of the days, unless I have to leave the house.  Then I change.

Confession:  I don't need to wear deodorant.  I don't stink and I am almost always dry.

Confession:  I prefer scented fruit-flavored lotions to perfume.

Confession:  I want to have more babies. Everyday I want this.  But we decided five was it for us, and so be it.

Confession:  I still get shy, even when I'm around friends.

Confession:  I'm done confessing.


Sharon said...

This is great. I'm pretty sure I knew everything but the netflicks, and the mole. Yep I totally knew about the hairs!

Sue5007 said...

Confession: I've been stalking your blog for a couple of months after seeing a link to your ham and potato soup recipe and I think this is a very fun post!
Confession: after reading this blog I checked my teeth to make sure there wasn't anything in it. :)

Patti S. said...

confession; I loved this post!!!

Jude said...

Confession - I have white chin hair too; but I've developed a habit of "stroking" my chin to check. It's rare one gets past me! :-) Jude.x

Colleen said...

Glad to know I am not the only chin-haired gal out there! TGFTweezers! Adam and I loved the first few seasons of Dawson's Creek...then it got lame. Warning.