Saturday, January 5, 2013

Daily Chores

All my kids have daily chores.  They do these chores every day, multiple times a day.  Their chores get rotated every Sunday, unless they haven't done a good enough job through the week, and then they get the same chore again.  The four older kids rotate through four jobs: The kitchen, bathrooms, living room, basement.  They are all responsible for their bedrooms.  Kamy and Keaton take on the responsibility of the chickens.  Other chores get included on an 'as needed' basis, like garbage, laundry, stairway, coat closet, and picking up the backyard.

The kids do not get allowance, but they do get rewards for good behavior, speed, accuracy, and helpfulness.Sometimes they complain that the only thing they do is clean up.  I remind them that they are cleaning up their own messes, and when they learn to be cleaner, everyone will be a whole lot happier.  I'm sure they feel like cleaning slaves. I sure did, when I was growing up.  However, I learned how to clean a house properly, and my kids get to experience the same thing.

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