Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 Faux-cabulary is a game I got the family for Christmas.  It's similar to Apples-2-Apples in that one person reads a category, and everyone else tries to make a match to that category with what cards they have, or with this game, what cubes they have in front of them.  Each person has three cubes, each side with a different word.  It might be a whole word, like "juice" or an ending, like "itis" or "saurus".  It's up to you to make up a string of words to fit the category.  We really enjoyed playing it, and it was a game all the kids (except Kimble) could play (although he had fun with his own set of word dice).

To give you an example, the card drawn said "That soupy substance found at the bottom of a soap dish".  I showed three of our answers.  The person reading the card gets to choose which answer is the winner for that round.  Icky Hefer Doo.  Yuck Retro Sauce.  Slime Jelly Funk.  The last one won (it was mine!).

This next one was funny, and the picture shows the winning words.

Here are the other contenders for the same question.

A teenager wearing way too much aftershave: A hyper puff.

It was fun to hear everyone say their answers. Definitely a great game to play with family and/or friends!

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Dan and Katie said...

That sounds like really fun game!