Sunday, January 20, 2013

Instagram This Week

Here are some pictures to share from this past week or so.  I realize that they are heavy on the Kimble scale, but he is always around me, and makes for a great picture, especially when he says "Take a picture, mommy!"   First up, Kimble and The Husband dancing around the living room.  I was on the ground, clipping coupons, and Kimble was happily gliding around the room in his daddy's arms, as they hummed together in harmony.

Quiet time with the kindle. 

Kimble's face.

The Husband went biking this week, as we had a few days of glorious weather.  I caught him just as the sun was beginning to set.  Gorgeous.

Kimble likes to lie on me to rest; it's my favorite time of day.

Kimble loves to drink water and then hold it in his mouth for as long as possible.

Coming home from our Build-A-Bear activity, I took this self portrait.

Most days of the week, if I'm not going anywhere, this is what I look like. Comfy and in my jammies.

Kimble loves to play with his siblings, and Kolby loves to give piggy-back rides!

I really like instagram!

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Colleen said...

It is a great app! And you captured some adorable subjects!