Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just like any other day

Today was like any other day, except the kids went back to school after their three week Christmas break.  I think they were ready to go, as they were bored at home.

I had a haircut appointment.  Here is a before/after picture. I am growing it out, but the layers needed to be adjusted and the broken ends needed trimming off.  I like it!
Mr. Kimble loves being a cowboy!
After school, Kolby played outside.  Brr. It was in the single digits, but he jumped on the trampoline and kept his energy up.  This next picture makes me laugh, and I call it "Kolby channeling his inner angry bird". 

This one is called "It's freezing outside, Mom! Here, let me show you!"  It's apparent that we love Christmas Story!
Kamy came home from school and gave me some snuggles. She is such a pretty girl.
I get lots of snuggles from this little guy too!


Becky said...

cute pictures! I love your header too.

Colleen said...

The cut is cute! You always have such lovely hair. Happy first day back at school for all!