Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mr. Trouble Strikes Again

Poor little Kimble just can't resist getting yummy food out of the pantry/cupboards/fridge/freezer.  I heard something lightly 'shatter' in the kitchen, and when I went to look, Kimble was hiding himself on the stairway, and I found (what seemed like) thousands of mini chocolate chips scattered all over the kitchen floor and the living room floor.  Oh Kimble.

He has punishments, which vary from being sent to his room, saying sorry with a hug and a kiss, and standing in the corner.  He doesn't like being in trouble.


Becky said...

Such a sad time out picture! Kids will be kids I guess.

kendra said...

Funny how they always know when they're in trouble!! I'm dying that he got a knife out to open the bag!