Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Facebook Edition: January 2013

This morning I put on my running pants, and had to hike them up over my butt. I was pretty sad that I had too much butt and not enough pants, until I took them off after my workout, and realized I had them on backwards.

New calling at church. An old favorite: primary chorister!

Last night Heath said "Thanks for cleaning our bedroom tomorrow." Guess I better clean our bedroom, so his thanks don't go wasted.

It's just absolutely wrong when eyes start drooping and body gets tired 10 minutes before the kids get home from school.

Kimble tried to help with dinner by dumping an entire bottle of garlic salt into my pot of turkey chili. Good thing he didn't stir it in. I just scooped it all out, including affected areas, and we were able to salvage dinner.

Yes, I realize that every other instagram picture I post is of Kimble, but he is around me the most. Not my fault that he favors me and my camera more than the other kids.

"I am going to succeed. I am going to love running. I am going to lose weight." ...said over and over again to myself, all day long. As if to test the theory, I made cookies for the kids and didn't have one. Not even a crumb. Please someone congratulate me.

Kimble turned off the treadmill when I was in mid-run and zoned out. Startled, would be an understatement.

Just filed our business name with the state and got a tax ID number. Krinkle Kut LLC is official!

Kimble took a bite out of every single apple I bought today.

7pm. I think the day should be over.  My kids don't agree.

It's negative2 degrees outside. Although the kids were bundled up really good, I still felt bad sending them out in the cold.

I think the "good mom" potion in me fizzles out after an hour of post-school madness.

This running every day thing has got to turn into happiness at some point, right?

Last night, Keaton's prayer included safety for his dad from any tornadoes or earthquakes. I love that he thinks of random calamities to pray for protection from.

Four day weekend with the kids. They proclaimed it the most boring weekend ever. Too bad for them.

Oh that alarm was rough to hear this morning.

Kolby has no interest in making his pinewood derby car, to be raced in two days. We are not doing it for him, so it seems that he won't be competing.Hopefully he'll change his mind. I'd hate to see him left out.

We got a part fixed in the van yesterday, and so this morning Heath said "When you are driving it, text me and tell me how it's running." I looked at him and then he said "wait, don't text while you are driving! Text me after!" Ha. Babe, the van is running great!

Kimble's latest catch phrase is "oh goodie". He says it in reply to almost everything. "Time to eat, Kimble!" He replies "Oh goodie!"  "Put your trains away please." "oh goodie"

I had to pick up sick-Kolby from school today, and while I was there, I went into the cafeteria to tell Keaton that he needed to walk Kennedy home before he did his garbage route. As a 5th grade boy, I wondered how embarrassed he would be to see me, but instead, he said "mom!" with a smile, and gave me a hug. Such a good boy.

I wish schools had a drive-thru for when you just need to drop off something. It would make life so much easier.

Keaton, anticipating moving up to middle school in August: "Mom, please don't send me to 6th grade wearing tighty-whities."

When the little girl I'm watching noticed that I was making meatballs for dinner, she turned and said "I don't want any." Kennedy piped up and said "Oh, you WANT my mom's meatballs. She makes the best food in the world!"

Kimble hid my phone, and it must be really well hidden because even he doesn't know where it is. If you need me...don't call or text.

Found my phone in the box of goldfish crackers.

When the clouds covered the sun for a moment, and our house suddenly darkened significantly, Keaton looked at me and said "Mom, It's like our house is being taken over by dark magic."

Kimble woke up from his nap and yelled through the door "Mommy, it's me. Kimble. I awake now! 

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Sue5007 said...

You made cookies and didn't even take a single bite to test it!? You are a strong woman.
P.S. sometimes running everyday can be too hard on your body. Most running/training programs have you run 3-4 days a week so you can rest/heal in between. You may want to consider walking every other day and set the treadmill to hills to make it more interesting. Just a thought. But once you start seeing progress, hopefully you'll start to love/hate running instead of just hate. ;)