Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Little Darling Strikes Again

For three hours today, I couldn't find my phone.  I knew where I last put it, and I also knew that Kimble liked to sneak it away from me to "play".  One day last week, while I was running, Kimble took a bunch of blacked-out photos and uploaded them to Instagram.  Ha!

 He also knows where hidden things are...because he hides them.  Last week, I couldn't find the remote control to our tv.  I looked and looked.  Then I asked Kimble.  He went right around the corner, got the remote from his hiding place, and then gave it to me.

So I asked him where he put my phone.  "I don't know!" he said over and over again.  Not a good sign!  I looked in all of his secret hiding the sidetable drawer, behind the couch cushion, under his bed, in the garbage, and in the pantry.  I also looked at places where he likes to put my things, like in my sewing drawer, my closet, and under my pillow.  No phone.

Three phone.  I felt completely disconnected from the world!  I also figured I would have to seriously deep clean my house, in order to find my phone.  Where could he have put it?

Finally, from the other room, I hear "Mommy, I got you phone!"  He brought me my precious phone, covered in cheesy cracker dust.  "Kimble" I said, "Did you hide my phone in the goldfish box?"

"Yes, Mommy".

Oh, Kimble.

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Nancy said...

At least it was flavor blasted, those are the best.