Saturday, January 12, 2013


This is the last week of my "vacation" that I declared when I had  my last market day.  I vowed not to sew or create for six weeks.  Although I did make a few things that were special orders, I have kept that commitment.  I spent the last month enjoying the kids (they were home for Christmas break through most of it), reading lots of books (I think I read about 22 books...I'm a fast reader), taking a few naps (bliss), blogging (I got caught up!), watching movies, and just chillin' out.  It's been really really nice to be free of workloads.

We intend to grow Krinkle Kut into a valid and successful home business, so this week we made things official. We filed our business with the state, got a tax ID number, and set up a checking/savings business account. Whahooo!

So far, my resolution goals are on point. I'm eating great, I'm running 6x a week, and I've even lost a bit of weight this week!  I'm doing well with some of my other goals too, and am happy to have made some specific changes in my life so I can be healthier and happier.  The Husband and I are focused on using the Dave Ramsey plan, and I feel so much less stress over money issues.  It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Potty training Kimble is at a standstill. I just can't get past this next phase of his training until his morning medicine is tweaked. It makes him pee.  A lot.  Practically constantly for a few hours post-dose, and we can barely go 5 feet from the potty, let alone run errands or be in the car or anything like that. So I've stalled it.  I need to talk with his doctor about his medicine, and then we can resume the training.  Ugh.

Now that my "vacation" is over, I'm going to focus on organizing my craft zone, finishing my recipe book, and advertising on etsy.  I'm also needing to deep clean the entire house; now that's a big project!

I'm happy to be blogging everyday.  I really don't get many comments, but those who do comment, please know how happy it makes me to read them!  I do know many friends and family (and people I've never met) read my blog, and please keep it up. I know many of you read in your google readers, or what not.  That's great.  It's just nice knowing someone out there reads my blog. I like journaling (blogging) and creating that history for our family, so that is my number one reason and what keeps me motivated.

Kamy got into select choir at school. Keaton is loving the Percy Jackson series.  Kolby is so happy we got a wii for Christmas. Kennedy is super whiny right now, and I can't wait until she matures out of this phase.  Kimble gets into everything and makes tons of messes.  The Husband can't wait until the cold dissipates so he can bike more often.  Most days, I just want a nap.


The Frosts said...

I'm reading but I never comment due to reading through google reader. Commenting on blogs and blogging in general has really died down over the past year and it makes me sad. I'm glad you're keeping up on yours. Excited to see how your business takes off :)

Colleen said...

Way to go! Potty training will come. It seems kind of impossible for the time being. Sounds like a great kick-off to the year, minus the whining from Kennedy. Luke loves a good whine too, sometimes I just want to clamp a hand over his mouth! I love to run, I love to run, I love to run.... :)

Jane Routh said...

I just love reading your blog! I may be many hundreds of miles away in Greece but it's nice to feel a connection with you and your family.

Jude said...

Ooo. Exciting and scary at the same time, but Congratulations on making the business official. All the very best with it. :-)

Renny's little things said...

I love your blog and i don't comment as often as I want in fear of being a stalker!!!!!
I need to update mt blog and start blogging more but my life is just not as exciting as yours!!!
Cheers Geniene in Aus

Renny's little things said...

p.s I am now following krinkle Kut on facebook...Love it well done

heleen said...

I love reading your blog. I'm a constant reader for about 2 years now and it's nice to read your stories. It's also nice to read because you give me a peep in an American home life (i'm from Europe). I hope you reach your goals.

Ande said...

My girls love love love their dolls that we bought for them!!! So excited to see what your business becomes!!! You are truly amazing!!

Becky said...

I loved the "and I just want a nap" phrase. Cracked me up!
We tried your Olive Garden soup and breadsticks, this weekend, and gobbled it all up! I liked it so much, that I emailed my mom the recipe and they had it this weekend too. It was so incredibly yummy. Thanks!