Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dress Up

Kolby was so excited to dress up for "Crazy Dress Up Day", but I think he interpreted as "Dress Day". He decided to wear a princess dress, found in our dress up box.  He couldn't find a wig, so he wore a bandanna.  He also had a purse and he brought some "glass slippers" to school to wear.  He was happy about his chosen outfit, so I let him go with it.  Apparently, he won "best dressed crazy dress up day" for his grade, and got a package of fruit snacks as a prize.
Just to add a few more photos from today, here is Kimble.  He must get really bored, or is really creative, but this is what he does to my couch every day.  Drives.Me.Nuts.

Kennedy had a school play tonight, the culmination of a month of song singing and speech memorizing.  It was about the history of our country, and she was supposed to wear red, white and/or blue.  We got her dressed, and then she snuck downstairs and put on her red lipstick (I didn't know she had any) so she could match the red she was supposed to wear.  She's pretty cute!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This "Tender" Phase

What started off as a super fun game of ignoring the fact that I told them to stay away from the box of packing peanuts turned into a mess that transmitted itself to all corners of the house, broke the vacuum, escalated emotions, and the disobedient actions of these two continued through the night, which caused them to be grounded for life...or at least until they are 18 years old and then I'll kick them out of the house.

Yup.  We have these days a lot, and I hate hearing "this time will go by in a blink of an eye and you'll look back and miss this time."  Nope.  I can't wait until they are past this "I don't care" attitude.  Onto the next tender-and-sweet-moment-of-time phase. I'm done with this one.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Craft Space Cleanup

Basically, for about 5 months, my craft space has looked like this.  Shelving and baskets overflowing with unorganized crafting supplies.
Today I cleaned it all up.  Not only that, I organized it, which is saying a lot.  I had a lot of totes, baskets, bins, shelves, and drawers to go through.  I'm so happy it's done.

Now, to create some more. I have plans for tomorrow that involve flowers...felt, satin, leather, and fabric.  Too bad my plans don't involve curtains...that window is really ugly!


Our spring break started out with a big storm that rolled through here.  It brought temperatures hovering around zero degrees, and big gusts of wind and blowing snow.  The Husband thought it looked cool (no pun intended) outside and so he went for a walk with Kolby, who was eager to run around.  So he took this picture about a block from our house, which is when he yelled for Kolby to turn around so they could go home again. It was so cold!!  I'm glad I stayed inside! I hate the cold wind more than anything else! It doesn't seem like Kolby minded it much, though.  I love how free he looks in this picture.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Locked In

So it happened. The day came when Kimble would lock me in his room.  We installed a locking door on his room about 6 months ago, because he wouldn't stay put when we put him down for nap.  We made the door lock from the outside.

With all of his door-locking tendencies lately, I knew this would happen.

We were both in his room, changing him and getting him dressed. I was looking for some pants for him, when he closed the door. "I locked it, momma!" he said with a grin.


I tested the door. I banged on it a bit.  I might have stomped my foot. "Kimble!  You locked us in!  There is nobody home but us!"

"That's ok, momma!" he said.  Well, no it wasn't.  I was expected at the school to pick up a sick Kolby. I was also about to mail three packages that needed outposted today, and I was going to deliver a purse to a KrinkleKut customer.  I was on a deadline and couldn't be locked in my 3yr old son's bedroom!

Plus, my phone was in the other room.  Even if I jumped out the window, I'd be locked out of my house because all the doors are locked.  They are always locked.

Anyway, I started looking around the room for something to jimmy the lock.  Luckily for me, this door lock wasn't like our other door locks, which take a lot of finagling (is that still a word?) and a special pointed and skinny tool to turn the lock.  With this lock, I just needed something flat like a penny, to slide in place and turn the lock.

Then I found it.  The flat disk-like shape that winds the music in Kimble's toy giraffe.  I tried it, and it opened.

Thank goodness.  It would have been a very long day until The Husband got home, and my poor school-age kids would have not been able to get in the house for hours! Locks.  I definitely need them, but I wish Kimble wouldn't use them so much!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sometimes I sit around and think about how old I am.  Not that I feel old, or am particularly ancient.  I just have such vivid memories of what I was doing and how I was feeling when I was my kids' age.

I totally remember being in 2nd grade and wanting to trade Garbage Pail Kids cards with my friends.  I remember when Gremlins came out and I was jealous of my friend who had a little Gizmo.

I remember peeing my pants in kindergarten, and feeling very embarrassed.

I remember falling off a horse when I was 11 years old, because the saddle wasn't tightened well enough.  My sister Kim and I were galloping around a corner and the saddle slid to the side...and so did we!

I remember being so excited to turn 13 and actually be a teenager.

I remember wearing white church shoes when I was 8, and loving that they had a chunky heel on them, and likewise, I would steal my mom's knee high nylons and wear them, feeling very grown up.

I remember so much through Jr High, High School, and college. I remember the early years of my marriage. I remember childhood friends and childhood bullies.

I remember seeing other adults, and not even able to imagine that they were kids once, or that they weren't really as old as I viewed them as.

Now I would guess that other kids might have the same childhood perspective as I did.  Do I seem old and out of touch with what they are going through?  I feel like I'm hip and trendy, but do they see me that way?

I guess I don't really care, because they are probably as naive as I was.  However, I still ponder about my age, and my life experience, and sometimes I can't believe that I'm as old as I am, married, with five kids, and getting so many gray hairs.  Of course, the gray hairs started prematurely, about 10 years ago, but they are persistent. 

These are just some of the things I think about, as I see my kids and relate to exactly what they are going through.  Life is a journey well worth remembering, and a I remember a lot.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sidekick Troubles

I usually don't have any issues when Mr. Kimble and I run errands.  He stays right by me.  He sometimes will watch netflix on my phone.  He plays with toy cars or helps me push the cart.  He loves going bye-bye with me, and gets so excited to ride in the car.  He loves to watch the sky for planes and see the mountains in the distance.  We make a good team.
Lately, though, it's been really hard to bring him with me and not get frustrated. He now wants to run away from me every chance he gets.  If I hold him, he flops his body and makes it hard for me to hold onto him. If I buckle him in the cart, he throws a fit. He isn't my happy-errand-running-companion anymore.
I know it's his age. He is curious and energetic and doesn't want to sit still.  He wants to run and jump off things and hide and be crazy.  He doesn't want his mom telling him what to do.
Oh, but this phase is exhausting to me.  The only consolation is that he still naps everyday.  I try to be mindful of the time of day that we are away from the house, and if it is close to his naptime, we come home.  On this day in particular, I gave Kimble the newly purchased box of goldfish, to keep him awake for the 15 minute drive home, because if he falls asleep in the car, he doesn't transfer to bed asleep anymore.  He wakes up and just like that, no more nap for him.  Well, the goldfish crackers didn't do their job. When I got home, I saw this.

He woke up when I was unbuckling him. 
I really really need him to take naps still!  The rest of the day he was a terror, full of grumpy energy.
Kimble, I hope you get through this phase quickly. I miss my sweet little sidekick.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Play

I went out on our front steps, to take a picture of the beautiful swirling snow.  The red and green you see in the picture is our stop sign on the corner, and the street name.  It was coming down so thick and pretty!  In the morning, when the kids opened the back door, they were enthralled by how the snow stuck to the window panes.

They played outside for a while, and yes, Kimble is wearing a too-small hat and socks over his hands as gloves.  We are nothing but trendy here.
Kamy shoveled most of the sidewalk and driveway. What a good  girl.

I think Kimble was standing up in this picture.

"Momma, there is snow in my eye!"

They had a great time playing in the snow.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

Wednesday night we had a snow advisory from the weather stations.  A big snowstorm was rolling through.  We didn't think too much of it, believing that the snow would stay in the north part of the city, which is where the storms coming down over the mountains always move to.  We are south of it, and tend to get only a dusting of snow, while our neighbors up north get 5 inches.
So we were delighted to discover that not only was it snowing quite heavily, but it didn't look like it was stopping anytime soon. Plus, it was said with caution that our little area was going to get blasted the hardest.  That ended up being true!
After watching the snow fall for a few hours, it was time for the kids to go to bed.  They said their goodnights, hoping and praying for a snow day for school the next day.  I told them not to count on it, for the entire 2.2 years we've lived in this district, it hasn't closed or had a delay even once.  The whole city will be having a school closure, and we'll still be up and going to school like normal.  So, I didn't have any faith that they would cancel for snow.
Oh, but the snow was lovely and perfect and soft and fluffy and perfect tubing or sledding snow.  The Husband and I took a quick walk around the block to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  The snow was already about 5 inches deep.
I woke up around 3am, not being able to get back to sleep, and decided to check for school closures.  As I thought, almost ever district was closed, and to my surprise, our district was closed too!!  My kids got their wish.  A snow day.  Even better, many of the military bases and businesses were closed to "non-essential personnel" which meant that The Husband had a snow day too!  Hooray for everyone being able to stay home, safe and sound.
When the kids woke up, we told them, and they were thrilled.  I captured this sweet picture of Kennedy as she was watching with wonder the beautiful snow outside our window.

After breakfast of blueberry muffins and cereal, the kids got their chores done and then went to play outside.  Kamy and Kolby took turns shoveling our driveway, the sidewalk, and our neighbor's driveways, and then they all played in the backyard.  Kimble was so excited to go outside to play, for he hasn't ever really had the opportunity to play in snow.  I had The Husband take some pictures....which I will post as soon as I charge my camera!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Garage Overhaul

The day we moved into our house, the garage door opener broke.  We soon forgot about the convenience of having a garage to park the cars in, and it became a spot for garbage, storage, kids messes, old-unused items, and even more garbage.  Last weekend, we decided to do something about it.  Here is a before picture, which doesn't look too bad, but it was  a disaster.
The Husband and I worked hard and got everything organized and cleaned up, and we were just left with one big oversized garbage pile.

We also set to work on replacing the garage door opener, and The  Husband worked hard (with a bit of my help) to get that done.

We borrowed a friend's truck and loaded it to the max with our garbage, then took it to the dump.
Well look at that.  A clean garage!  It's so nice and organized!

Both of our vehicles fit inside, and the garage door opener works now.  Perfect timing too, because a few days later we got a big snowstorm!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I went to pick up two library books last weekend, and I have no idea where I put them.  One of them is Life of Pi and the other is a sugar-free gluten-free cookbook.

Kimble will now say "Momma, look at me. I pick my nose. Yum."  Gross.

The  Husband and I cleaned out the garage this weekend, and I found my box of "too small" clothes...and guess what?  They all fit!

I need a new camera.

I guess I should say, I want a new camera.

I got a heating blanket for my bed.  Best thing ever.

I just wrote a poem for a baby shower invitation.  I can make anything rhyme.

I've really come to love freshly ground almondbutter.

I think I need a vacation.

Kennedy has a little school play this week, and her part is about President Obama.  I cringe whenever she reads her part.

I haven't worked on my cookbook for two weeks. 

I have a gift certificate for a free massage, and I would rather give it away than use it. Not really a fan of massages.

Kimble has learned to stomp out of a room, when upset.  It's humorous.

Kennedy told me that she wants to me a fun mom when she grows up.  Then she said, "you should do that too, momma".

I have a friend on facebook who keeps posting about her dentist appointments.  With every post, I get a panic attack.

I want to do something for spring break, if only because we NEVER do anything for spring break.  But we'll probably do nothing and go nowhere, because that's all we ever do.

It's 4:44 pm and I'm totally ready for bed.  Need a second wind!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Shower Gift

I went to a baby shower on Saturday, and I enjoyed making some things for the new baby boy due to arrive in the next few weeks.  Some chenille burp cloths (6 of them in various shades of blue and green) and a flannel/corduroy blanket that has cute horses, elephants and giraffes on it, in yellow and brown. I also included a cute little tie because the mom wants to take newborn pictures in it.  It was fun to sew something that wasn't for the business! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Park and Pizza

After Parent/Teacher conferences a week or so ago, I came home deflated and upset.  I walked back in the house, and the kids were all happy to see me.  I thought I'd better change my attitude, so they stayed happy. I announced  an impromptu outing.  Pizza and the Park!  They kids quickly got ready and off we went.
I love Kennedy's face in this picture. She was probably mid-bite, with a huge  amount of pizza in her mouth, but she looks content and satisfied with that closed smile on her face!
In reality, I really wanted to please this guy.  Kolby needs more love and happiness in his life, so he was my focus....and I think  I succeeded. He had a great afternoon.

This boy made me smile.  "See mom...XOXO. I love  you!"  What a sweet boy I have.

Kennedy could have played on the slide all afternoon. She had a great time.
So did Kimble. They went round and round, up and down.  Slides are great.

These two jumped off  the swings so many times I lost count.

It was a good thing to do, taking them to the park and surprising them with pizza.  I need to be "fun mom" more often.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Than You Love Spaghetti

More than a year ago, what started out as a text between The Husband and I has turned into a way for us to express our love to each other.

I had sent him a text that said "I love you more than you love spaghetti" (I chuckle as I type that because when I first sent it to him, I had fat-fingered some of the letters, and it auto corrected to say "I love you more than you love your yetti".)

Anyway, knowing quite well how much he loved spaghetti, it made that statement a bit more meaningful to The Husband, and an interesting way for him to measure my love.

Sometimes, as we lie in bed at night, basking in the quietness of the house and knowing that our kids were safely tucked away in their beds, one of us will initiate the "I love you more than you love spaghetti" game.

A few nights ago, Valentine's Evening, was one of those nights.  We laughed at a few of the statements we came up with. Here are some of them.

The Husband to me:
I love you more than you love warmth.
I love you more than you love Golden China Special Chow Mein (a favorite Chinese restaurant in my home town).
I love you more than you love sleeping.
I love you more than you love brushing your teeth.
I love you more than you love cooking.

Me, to The Husband:
I love you more than you love biking.
I love you more than you love speaking with different accents.
I love you more than you love singing.
I love you more than you love looking at my bum.
I love you more than you love freshly baked cookies.

I think we made our intentions clear, which was to say "I love you".

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Special Valentine's

JumpRope For Heart comes to the kids' school every year, during the month of February, to raise money for the American Heart Association, and more importantly, to help those kids who have heart defects.
As you know, this is a tender part of our life, and my kids take on this responsibility personally, and they always share their story of how their baby brother was born with a broken heart.
Keaton, my sweetest and most thoughtful boy, came up to me Valentine's day morning, not necessarily excited to pass out his valentines, or happily anticipating his classroom party.  No. He was focused on something else entirely.
"Mom, is  it ok if I take 20 dollars out of my garbage route money to help the kids with broken hearts like Kimble? I want to donate and make a difference to those special kids."
My heart burst with pride at his thoughtfulness, his excitement, and that he had acted all on his own, to donate what little money he had, to help those in need.
I want to be like him, when I grow up.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Krinkle Kut

Here is a little behind-the-scenes action for you.  The Husband was helping me photograph some of my items that I'm selling on KrinkleKut, and I snapped a picture of him.   He was taking a picture of me, wearing the purses that you see hanging on his arm.  What a nice assistant I have!
I also photographed these dolls, to be listed, and after I was done, I snapped this picture of all of them flopped over each other in the basket.
I sent this picture to my sister Sharon, to show her that I was done with 10 sets of cash envelopes, to be used for cash purchases, budgeting, Dave Ramsey system.
I have more things to list, like headbands, bibs, krinkle toys, and ties, but that'll happen tomorrow.  Hopefully.
Some of you kindly requested a direct link to my Etsy shop Krinkle Kut.  I didn't have anything listed before, but now I do!  Thanks for the interest!  Please spread the word with your friends.  I'm working like crazy to be "successful".  I also have a KrinkleKut facebook page, where I often post things I'm working on, and sometimes have giveaways!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trip to the ER

Last night, after dinner, I heard a crash.  Two kids fell down the stairs.  When I went to check, I saw that it was Kamy and Kimble.  They were both whimpering, but seemed ok.  Kamy came upstairs with Kimble and she explained that she was walking him down the stairs and had tripped.  She hung on to Kimble with one hand and the other arm skidded down the stairs.
She was hurting and holding her arm, so I took a look, and saw a huge bump.  Ouch.  Could it be broken?

None of my kids have ever broken a bone.  I was surprised that Kamy might be the first one, I figured it would be my adventurous Kolby or Kimble. I palpated the site, and it was extremely tender, but I didn't feel any bones jutting out. Kamy was starting to go into shock, poor thing, so I had her get comfortable on the couch, as The Husband and I discussed what to do.

We had no idea if it was broken. We didn't want to play it too safe, and not do anything, only to have it be badly broken.  On the other hand, if we took her in and it wasn't broken, then that is a long time to waste in the ER, not to mention the cost of the ER copay.

We decided to take her to the ER. Heath went with her and I stayed home with the kids.  It took about 5 hours in the ER, but finally they saw her, did an Xray, and determined that it was not broken, only a bad hematoma.  However, we were consoled by the fact that the doc said  it was good that we had brought her in to get checked. It definitely could have been broken.

Kamy was so glad it wasn't broke. She was worried about a cast and/or surgery and kids making fun of her at school.  They got home after 1am in the morning, and both she and The Husband took a "sick" day from their work/school to rest up from their long evening in the ER.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Blankie

This boy carries around his blankie all day. We don't take it out of the house with us unless we are going somewhere overnight, or to a hospital procedure.  He drags it around, cuddles with it, sits on it, brings it to the dinner table, and lies on it when he's playing with his trains.

It's the same blankie he had at the hospital when he was first born.  He has used it and loved it every day of his life.  It's sweet that he has a blankie.  I hope he uses it for a long, long time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Blogging Daily

So far, I've kept with my goal of blogging daily. There were a few days in January that I really had nothing to say, so I felt that those blog posts were simply filler, but overall, I'm enjoying making these little blog posts every day.

I'm curious if you, my readers, are liking this, or are a bit bored/annoyed at all my inconsequential blog posts.

Also, I'd really like to thank those of you who have commented, particularly on some of the more heartfelt blog posts. I value your opinion and love reading what you have to say. Thank you so much for helping me through some difficult times.

Just for note, I've been writing in my weight loss blog (see sidebar, at the top) every week, and I'm working hard on accomplishing  my health goals.  If you want some extra reading, or want to give extra encouragement (it's a bit neglected over there) then feel free to hop on over!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Forgotten Gift

Once there was a man who received an awesome gift from his wife, for his birthday.  This man has always been envious of his pilot friends and wished to soar like a bird through the blue skies, with the help of modern machinery.  One introductory flying lesson.  That is the gift the wife presented to her husband 2.5 years previous, which was not cheap to come by.
That gift was well received. Then it was forgotten about.  Life was difficult; heart surgery stress and moving challenges abounded.  Flying?  Not a focus in their life.
Every once in a while, something would be said by the wife, to the husband, about that awesome gift, and how he should redeem the lesson certificate.  The Husband would agree, then time would pass.  Again and Again, the gift was forgotten about.
Then one day a few weeks ago, the wife took things into her own hands. She found the neglected  certificate and discovered with gloom that it had an expiration date on it.  Almost two years had passed from said expiration, and there was a thought that became persistent, as to money being washed down the drain.
The wife called the company and explained the situation.  There was a bit of emphasis announced as to why the certificate had not been redeemed.  The wife kindly asked if the expiration date could be forgiven, and her husband allowed his flying lesson.
Permission was granted.  A day was chosen.  The flight was made.

The wife tagged along, and got to watch everything from a view in the backseat.  The Husband steered the plane, controlled the take-off, flew the plane through the highways of the sky, and learned what all the instruments did.

Unfortunately for them, a storm was brewing.  Wind gusts caused the little plane to bounce around in the sky.  The wife felt like she was on a ride at Disney World, and expected the plane to drop down from under her.  The Husband got so air sick from the turbulence that he required the use of the vomit bag.  They were both relieved when the lesson was cut short and the plane reached the ground safely.
Perhaps this tale would have ended in a positive note, had it been a gloriously clear day with birds dancing through the sky.  However glad they were to have been able to redeem that birthday gift from so many years previous, it was not something either of them wish to be repeated under the same circumstances. Different circumstances, perhaps. But not the same.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ordinary Moment

This was just an ordinary moment in time, but it tells a few things. 

1. I had just gotten ready, and you can tell by the fact that I was dressed, that I was leaving the house.  Most days, when I know I'm home all day, I simply wear comfy pajama bottoms all day, but I always shower, do my hair and makeup, and look nice, even in jammies.

2.   My closet really needs to be cleaned and organized.

3.  Kimble is right next to me. He is always right next to me.

4. Kimble was brushing his teeth, as he likes to do.  We keep our toothbrushes in the same space, so he can brush his teeth with me every morning (and a few more times throughout the day).

5.  Kimble wasn't wearing a shirt. He hardly wears shirts (or pants) unless we are going out somewhere.  It seems we both are deficient in getting dressed unless we leave the house.

6.  My mirror needs to be washed, as you can see spots in front of Kimble's face, the result of a dirty mirror.

7.  I take a lot of pictures of Kimble and I.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Today was Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Quite honestly, it's a day I do not look forward to.  Although I'm not naive enough to believe the "if I don't hear it there is no problem" ideal, it still stings to have all of these issues saved up and then dished out for one half-hour meeting.
Mostly, the kids are doing great. There are minor issues with some organizational and attention aspects that can always be improved on, but overall, they get high marks and kind words on their work and effort.
Then we get to Kolby.
Kolby seems to be lost.  I look at this picture that I took the other day, when he was playing around with some extra mustaches he found lying around.   I asked him to sit down and let me take a picture of him.  What I saw, when I looked at the picture, was a boy who feels unhappy, unloved, lost, and insecure.
His teacher, the assistant principal, the school psychiatrist, and the special ed teacher all met with me during my conference.  All of them are concerned for Kolby and as his teacher explained "Don't know what more they can do for him".  They are now at the end of their testing.  The last in their bag of tricks.  If he doesn't respond to the next group of testing, assessments, psych evals and small group help, then they don't know what else to do.
I'm not trying to discredit his teacher(s).  They really want to help figure out what is going on. Why doesn't Kolby want to learn? It's not that he isn't smart. He is, and they can see that. It's that Kolby has no desire to try. He doesn't care if he gets detention.  Getting an F on a test doesn't phase him.  He won't try to read the directions, he'll just fill in the circles on a multiple choice question.  He lies about completing assignments.  He has no internal motivation to accomplish things.  He just doesn't  want to do anything, and when he has that mentality,  no amount of bribing or rewards or positive reinforcement or negative results can sway him.
So what is it that is going on with Kolby?  There is something we are missing, when it comes to how he learns, and I fear what will happen if we don't figure it out soon.  Is he dyslexic?  Could be, but there is no state funding to test for it.  Does he have some other disability that is preventing him from learning?
He has been lying a lot.  To me. To his teachers.  To his friends. To his family.  He told his teacher that he stayed out on the trampoline until midnight the other night, and nobody cared and nobody told him to go inside, and that he was alone the whole time.  I'm sure his teacher didn't believe him, but she questioned me about it anyway.  For me, this wasn't so much about his lying, as it was a glimpse into how he feels. He feels unloved and lonely.
What can I do to make Kolby feel special when all I want to do is punish him for all his nasty behavior towards us?  He is unhappy with us, doesn't want to participate in family activities, and creates negative drama for anyone who is near him. I understand that these are ways for him to get attention, but when we offer such pleasant love on the flip side, I wonder why he doesn't want happiness, instead of negativity.
He has always been my most challenging child.  Maybe it's because we clash, that makes it so hard for us to get along.  Honestly, though, I try really hard because of that. I want him to be happy. I want him to succeed.  But he doesn't want that, or so it seems.
Today was a hard day..but when I see that picture of Kolby, I just get so sad because  I can see how unhappy he is. I am failing him, and I don't know what to do.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Working Boy

Keaton likes to work with his hands. He likes to build things in the garage, using whatever materials he can find. He also loves to be his dad's sidekick.  He goes up to the attic to lay traps for the squirrels. He helps his dad repair fences and in case of the picture, to work on the car.
I walked outside, to find Keaton under the car, and I had to ask him if he was alive! Ha!  He looked pretty funny sticking out like that.
I'm glad he likes to help his dad with things, and I hope he achieves his goal of being an inventor when he grows up!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I've always hated HATED bangs. I grew up with lots-o-bangs that were neverending and not pretty making.  I grew them out as soon as I got to college, and have sworn that I'd never do bangs again.

That being said, I got tired of my I'm-trying-to-grow-out-the-front-layer-of-my-hair annoyance and I felt like my hairstyle needed a boost.  It made me feel like a bum mom, instead of a cute and trendy mom, which I try so desperately to be.  So yesterday, as I was looking at my stupid hair, and hating that front layer that I always have to pin back, I did what I told myself never to do.

I cut bangs.  (Notice my before/after picture) I did it myself (probably not the best idea) and I made side-swept bangs which always look so cute on other's, but which I've never been able to master.

Hope it doesn't turn out to be on my "most regrettable unfortunate self-imposed stupid things I did" list.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Camo & Pink!

I really do love it when I get a custom order.  This lady ran into me at the store, and loved my  purse, so she asked me to make her one.  "I really love the bold colors and prints you choose, but I'm really into camouflage.  Could you make me a purse like that, with pink on the inside?"  Hmmm.  Camo and pink.  Not something I would have thought to put together, but I was up for the challenge.
So I browsed through material for weeks, at different stores, until I found this camo print, and right next to it, was pink camo.  How perfect!!
I really like how the purse turned out.  So surprisingly adorable!
I never would have thought I would love a camouflage purse so much, but I do!  I hope my customer likes it as much as I do.

(The "summer fling messenger purse" is my own pattern and design.  It is made to be worn over the shoulder and across the body, sitting nicely at your hip. It has four big pockets on the inside and although the purse is nicely sized, it doesn't not seem too bulky or big.  I currenly have a few that are already made, if anyone would like me to list them on Etsy.  The price of the bag is 45 dollars.  The picture below shows my purse, and how it is worn.)