Friday, February 15, 2013

A Special Valentine's

JumpRope For Heart comes to the kids' school every year, during the month of February, to raise money for the American Heart Association, and more importantly, to help those kids who have heart defects.
As you know, this is a tender part of our life, and my kids take on this responsibility personally, and they always share their story of how their baby brother was born with a broken heart.
Keaton, my sweetest and most thoughtful boy, came up to me Valentine's day morning, not necessarily excited to pass out his valentines, or happily anticipating his classroom party.  No. He was focused on something else entirely.
"Mom, is  it ok if I take 20 dollars out of my garbage route money to help the kids with broken hearts like Kimble? I want to donate and make a difference to those special kids."
My heart burst with pride at his thoughtfulness, his excitement, and that he had acted all on his own, to donate what little money he had, to help those in need.
I want to be like him, when I grow up.

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