Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Shower Gift

I went to a baby shower on Saturday, and I enjoyed making some things for the new baby boy due to arrive in the next few weeks.  Some chenille burp cloths (6 of them in various shades of blue and green) and a flannel/corduroy blanket that has cute horses, elephants and giraffes on it, in yellow and brown. I also included a cute little tie because the mom wants to take newborn pictures in it.  It was fun to sew something that wasn't for the business! 


Deb said...

What a lovely gift! Where did you find your chenille? It seems to be very hard to come by, here in Baltimore.

shaina said...

Deb, I had the chenille, leftover from when I made the burp cloth sets more often, but you are right about not being able to find it. I have to buy it online now....without a coupon!

Colleen said...