Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Camo & Pink!

I really do love it when I get a custom order.  This lady ran into me at the store, and loved my  purse, so she asked me to make her one.  "I really love the bold colors and prints you choose, but I'm really into camouflage.  Could you make me a purse like that, with pink on the inside?"  Hmmm.  Camo and pink.  Not something I would have thought to put together, but I was up for the challenge.
So I browsed through material for weeks, at different stores, until I found this camo print, and right next to it, was pink camo.  How perfect!!
I really like how the purse turned out.  So surprisingly adorable!
I never would have thought I would love a camouflage purse so much, but I do!  I hope my customer likes it as much as I do.

(The "summer fling messenger purse" is my own pattern and design.  It is made to be worn over the shoulder and across the body, sitting nicely at your hip. It has four big pockets on the inside and although the purse is nicely sized, it doesn't not seem too bulky or big.  I currenly have a few that are already made, if anyone would like me to list them on Etsy.  The price of the bag is 45 dollars.  The picture below shows my purse, and how it is worn.)


Angie said...

Can you post a link to take us directly to your etsy shop.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Yes, I want one! I will call you. :)