Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dress Up

Kolby was so excited to dress up for "Crazy Dress Up Day", but I think he interpreted as "Dress Day". He decided to wear a princess dress, found in our dress up box.  He couldn't find a wig, so he wore a bandanna.  He also had a purse and he brought some "glass slippers" to school to wear.  He was happy about his chosen outfit, so I let him go with it.  Apparently, he won "best dressed crazy dress up day" for his grade, and got a package of fruit snacks as a prize.
Just to add a few more photos from today, here is Kimble.  He must get really bored, or is really creative, but this is what he does to my couch every day.  Drives.Me.Nuts.

Kennedy had a school play tonight, the culmination of a month of song singing and speech memorizing.  It was about the history of our country, and she was supposed to wear red, white and/or blue.  We got her dressed, and then she snuck downstairs and put on her red lipstick (I didn't know she had any) so she could match the red she was supposed to wear.  She's pretty cute!

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Jude said...

They're all pretty cute...... from Kolby in his dress through Kimble's bottom to Kennedy's pretty red lips. Gorgeous! Good enough to eat. Jude.x