Sunday, February 10, 2013

Forgotten Gift

Once there was a man who received an awesome gift from his wife, for his birthday.  This man has always been envious of his pilot friends and wished to soar like a bird through the blue skies, with the help of modern machinery.  One introductory flying lesson.  That is the gift the wife presented to her husband 2.5 years previous, which was not cheap to come by.
That gift was well received. Then it was forgotten about.  Life was difficult; heart surgery stress and moving challenges abounded.  Flying?  Not a focus in their life.
Every once in a while, something would be said by the wife, to the husband, about that awesome gift, and how he should redeem the lesson certificate.  The Husband would agree, then time would pass.  Again and Again, the gift was forgotten about.
Then one day a few weeks ago, the wife took things into her own hands. She found the neglected  certificate and discovered with gloom that it had an expiration date on it.  Almost two years had passed from said expiration, and there was a thought that became persistent, as to money being washed down the drain.
The wife called the company and explained the situation.  There was a bit of emphasis announced as to why the certificate had not been redeemed.  The wife kindly asked if the expiration date could be forgiven, and her husband allowed his flying lesson.
Permission was granted.  A day was chosen.  The flight was made.

The wife tagged along, and got to watch everything from a view in the backseat.  The Husband steered the plane, controlled the take-off, flew the plane through the highways of the sky, and learned what all the instruments did.

Unfortunately for them, a storm was brewing.  Wind gusts caused the little plane to bounce around in the sky.  The wife felt like she was on a ride at Disney World, and expected the plane to drop down from under her.  The Husband got so air sick from the turbulence that he required the use of the vomit bag.  They were both relieved when the lesson was cut short and the plane reached the ground safely.
Perhaps this tale would have ended in a positive note, had it been a gloriously clear day with birds dancing through the sky.  However glad they were to have been able to redeem that birthday gift from so many years previous, it was not something either of them wish to be repeated under the same circumstances. Different circumstances, perhaps. But not the same.

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Heath said...

Vomit bag was not used. Due to the steel nerve and dedication to the safety of those on board made by the co-pilot, vomit was present but avoided detection by either passengers or pilot allowing the pilot and co-pilot to safely achieve mission success. The sacrifices made of the co-pilot that day bring honor to himself, his fellow passengers, the Cessna 172XP air frame, and the entire Peak Aviation fleet.