Thursday, February 14, 2013

Krinkle Kut

Here is a little behind-the-scenes action for you.  The Husband was helping me photograph some of my items that I'm selling on KrinkleKut, and I snapped a picture of him.   He was taking a picture of me, wearing the purses that you see hanging on his arm.  What a nice assistant I have!
I also photographed these dolls, to be listed, and after I was done, I snapped this picture of all of them flopped over each other in the basket.
I sent this picture to my sister Sharon, to show her that I was done with 10 sets of cash envelopes, to be used for cash purchases, budgeting, Dave Ramsey system.
I have more things to list, like headbands, bibs, krinkle toys, and ties, but that'll happen tomorrow.  Hopefully.
Some of you kindly requested a direct link to my Etsy shop Krinkle Kut.  I didn't have anything listed before, but now I do!  Thanks for the interest!  Please spread the word with your friends.  I'm working like crazy to be "successful".  I also have a KrinkleKut facebook page, where I often post things I'm working on, and sometimes have giveaways!


Sue5007 said...

A few weeks ago I was at church and I saw a family a few rows behind us and I swear one of their kids had one of your dolls! It was our first week in a new ward so I was not brave enough to ask them where they got it. But I thought of you and hoped it was one you had sold. Have a nice weekend!

shaina said...

Sue, they very well could have! If you see them again, you should ask. I'm curious!